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Does anyone know how I get my name back? :(

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strongmints · 05/08/2006 14:42

I changed my name to post anonymously on a thread and now I can't get my 'real' mn name back - when I try it says its already in use...I emailed tech but have had no reply

anyone else had this problem...I want my name back...

OP posts:
flutterbee · 05/08/2006 14:43

Ooooh I think Tamba has been having a problem changing her name back.

southeastastra · 05/08/2006 14:43

who are you strongmints?

strongmints · 05/08/2006 14:44

I am Apronstrings

OP posts:
strongmints · 05/08/2006 14:46

When I post i feel like i am hiding something - cos i guess by now lots of regulars know stuff about me - i don't want to start every post saying who i really am

OP posts:
southeastastra · 05/08/2006 14:54

i've looked at past threads and can't really find anything to help you, someone must have some advice.

SueW · 05/08/2006 14:57

I have no idea over name changes having never done one but can't you just log out as your new name and then type your new one into the nickname box at the bottom for posting then use your password associated with that name.

Just like you would have to do if you logged onto mumsnet on a friend's computer or one in the library.

TambaIsBadBadBad · 05/08/2006 14:57

I cant change to any other name atm. Not one ive already used or a new one. Just as I decided Good Tamba was going to make a return will have to stick to being norty now

SueW · 05/08/2006 14:58


"can't you just log out as your new name and then type your OLD one into the nickname box"

MrsApronstrings · 05/08/2006 15:00

tried all that - keeps saying name already in use- I have now changed to mrs as - but not thrilled

southeastastra · 05/08/2006 15:08

maybe the tech will be able to help you change back to apronstrings when they're back (do they have the weekend off) hehe

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