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Mums Best - What's the latest edition?

8 replies

Salamander · 05/06/2006 14:33

Mums Best Book

Does anyone know whether the green Mums Best book which we picked up a few months ago from Mothercare is the most recent? Or when the new ones comes out?

Just wondering?!?!


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Salamander · 16/06/2006 12:47
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SaintGeorge · 16/06/2006 15:14

Mums on Babies
Mums on Pregnancy
Mums Best

I think that's the lot so yeah, Mums Best is the latest.

You could email HQ if you need any more info [email protected]. Best to get the info straight from the top Smile

cupcakes · 16/06/2006 15:19

The Mums Best I got a few months ago had offers which were about to expire.

SaintGeorge · 16/06/2006 15:30

Oh, does the Mums Best book change then? Sorry didn't realise that, thought Salamander meant the latest MN publication.

JustineMumsnet · 18/06/2006 23:08

Mumsnet Best, (name changed for this issue), a printed version of our online product guides, is available in Mothercare stores as we speak. Mumsnet Best is green with a hen pushing a supermarket trolley on the front. Do go in and ask at your local store if you'd like to get a copy.

Salamander · 19/06/2006 16:17


Will get down there and pick the latest one up - the last one was absolutely EXCELLENT!

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cupcakes · 19/06/2006 17:12

I take back what I said about out of date offers - I just looked in mine again and can't see what I was talking about!Blush

Salamander · 20/06/2006 16:32

LOL cupcakes!

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