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Absolutely no hope of keeping up

40 replies

WideWebWitch · 28/05/2006 00:31

Is it just me or is it bloody hard to keep up?

OP posts:
ScummyMummy · 28/05/2006 00:33

No hope of keeping up anymore, I agree, oh witch of watery wickedness.

Chandra · 28/05/2006 00:35

DO you really manage to keep up?, I think I never did, I live in the allergies topic now but out of it sometimes I even find difficult to keep up with the names Blush

hunkermunker · 28/05/2006 00:37

Psst...there's a good housekeeping topic now...!

Chandra · 28/05/2006 00:39

Housekeeping topic? I can't even keep my house organised how am I going to cope with a housekeeping topic?

jamiesam · 28/05/2006 00:40

What, with everything? Sounds like a mythical age of MN...

Chandra · 28/05/2006 00:42

At the beginning everythig was in darkness and there were 27 active conversations in Mumsnet.

Those days... I could post in all of them before going to sleep!

ScummyMummy · 28/05/2006 00:42

There is? Is it for housework dullards who want to do better or for fully fledged perfectionistic Kim and Aggies?

hunkermunker · 28/05/2006 00:44

It's for Cod Grin

ScummyMummy · 28/05/2006 00:49

Oh right. So it's kind of about lakeland products?

hunkermunker · 28/05/2006 00:51

Weeeeellllll, pretty much Wink

ScummyMummy · 28/05/2006 00:54

Cool. I'll check it out.:)

Clary · 28/05/2006 01:12

I'm really struggling with who people are just now.
Who is yellowfeathers? (I've forgotten).
I thought Pinkerplink was fiofio but I've seen fiofio posting so now I don't know.
And has fastasleep gone altogether?
etc etc
(Will go and post about laundry in the housekeeping topic tho....)

Pruni · 28/05/2006 07:20

yellowfeathers is nbg.

PiccadillyCircus · 28/05/2006 07:36

I think plinkerplink is fiofio and that she has staretd being fiofio again.

fastasleep appears to have left

I seem to reserve my remaining brain cells for remembering small facts such as these Smile.

tigermoth · 28/05/2006 18:45

www, I can't keep up either - but then I would be more worried if I could, as there are hundreds of threads now. I can find long threads and I don't recognise a singer poster on them -eek!

Every now and again I pick the name of an active poster at random - someone I can relate to. I then do a search to see what they have posted on, to see what I have been missing - works for me ;)

zippitippitoes · 28/05/2006 18:49

I think there are loads of people and loads of people who have changed names and loads of new people and loads of people with such similar names that i haven't relaised they are new people

Twiglett · 28/05/2006 18:52

there's still only 27 threads that are interesting though .. the rest are dross

charliecat · 28/05/2006 18:53

I read the whole of MN when I first joined, took about 2 days. It would be impossible now :(

Earlybird · 28/05/2006 18:55

Hey Twiglett - how did you come up with the number 27?

Agree with everyone else - impossible to know who's who anymore with all the namechanges and new folks.

Miaou · 28/05/2006 18:59

ooh I was thinking about starting a similar thread recently ... tbh I now just tend to hone in on familiar names and topics that interest me - however I quite often find I have missed important events in people's lives for days on end. It is soooo different to when I joined (only 2 years ago!)

zippitippitoes · 28/05/2006 19:01

I think a lot of people have joined in the last 5 or 6 weeks, but what seems to happen is that after the flurry the number of posters drops back again and you can get a grip..

if you want to Smile

LadyTophamHatt · 28/05/2006 19:03 read the whole on mn???

jesus woman, thats dedicationGrin

Mioau, I find myslef doing the same with the familar names thing. Clique anyone??Wink

Earlybird · 28/05/2006 19:04

I know some people have name changed for privacy reasons, but maybe we should start a "who are you know, and who did you used to be" for those of us who are can't keep up? That way, people could voluntarily participate - or not.

charliecat · 28/05/2006 19:20

It was a while back, about 4 years ago i think, and there was only 2 days reading to do, now it would take months.:)

cod · 28/05/2006 19:22

i cna hear you

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