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just subscribed to CAT.......

19 replies

buffythenappyslayer · 24/05/2006 15:47

who can i CAT?want to try it out!!!

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LadyTophamHatt · 24/05/2006 15:51

Get yuor moneys(or is that monies) worth and CAT us all.
One by One

buffythenappyslayer · 24/05/2006 15:52

Grin good idea!!!!

OP posts:
buffythenappyslayer · 24/05/2006 15:56

your my first one LadyT!!!!

OP posts:
QE · 24/05/2006 15:56

I want one!!! Grin

buffythenappyslayer · 24/05/2006 15:57

ok hang on then!!

OP posts:
LadyTophamHatt · 24/05/2006 15:57

I should think so tooGrinWink

buffythenappyslayer · 24/05/2006 15:58

QE's number 2!!

OP posts:
SaintGeorge · 24/05/2006 16:02

Justine & co are going to love you lot Smile

buffythenappyslayer · 24/05/2006 16:05

do you want CATting aswell SG??

OP posts:
Rhubarb · 24/05/2006 16:06

I'm turning my CAT off then! Grin

buffythenappyslayer · 24/05/2006 16:07

oh SG,got a free sim from 02 for dd's phone.

02 have got the number and its down to the police now.

OP posts:
SaintGeorge · 24/05/2006 16:07


Just thinking of whichever poor sod is on duty and having to sit there forwarding a bunch of emails.

SaintGeorge · 24/05/2006 16:08

No was to the CAT.

Glad to hear about phone Smile

Carmenere · 24/05/2006 16:08

Yep they are earning their fiver today!!

buffythenappyslayer · 24/05/2006 16:09

exactly!!!gives them something to do do doesnt it?!!Grin

OP posts:
Carmenere · 24/05/2006 16:10

Erm I expect they are busy monitoring everything mentioned about GF in case they are sued!

buffythenappyslayer · 24/05/2006 16:10
OP posts:
Rhubarb · 24/05/2006 16:12

She'll be onto The Guardian next considering the raging thread that's on there about GF. It makes Mumsnet look pretty tame I tell ya! Someone should email her site and her them about it, I'd like to see them try and sue The Guardian!

buffythenappyslayer · 24/05/2006 16:15

they'd probably get charged for emailing her site!!Grin

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