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nikkie · 15/05/2006 20:57

Can we have an economising/budgeting section please?
There are so many threads about it we could fill a section Grin

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Ledodgyherring · 15/05/2006 21:09

That's a good idea Smile

NotAnOtter · 15/05/2006 21:10

i ameconomising at the moment and it does become quite an art

LilacBump · 15/05/2006 21:11

good idea!

supakids · 15/05/2006 21:12

Grin I think I am economising by scouring ebay for bargains and I do find some but my dh adds the hours of searching to the equation and reckons its all a bit of a joke and my time would be better spent elsewhere, mmmmm he may have a point.

Rachel (mumsnet) · 15/05/2006 22:40

As you know we've just added a whole range of new topics on the boards so we won't be updating again immediately. We'll certainly discuss this in our next meeting and let you know what we decide. In the meantime, there is the 'money matters' section.

nikkie · 16/05/2006 20:53

It was mentioned a while ago in passing and it was the new boards that reminded me. Thanks for noting it.

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