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can we haev a thick kids section?

26 replies

cod · 15/05/2006 14:31


OP posts:
Fimbo · 15/05/2006 14:32

Oh cod you are norty

Esmummy · 15/05/2006 14:33

You're not going to let up on this one are you Cod ?

rickman · 15/05/2006 14:33

and child moggelling?

controlfreaky · 15/05/2006 14:34

and shopping

niceglasses · 15/05/2006 14:36


shimmy21 · 15/05/2006 14:36

and a thick parents section too

cod · 15/05/2006 14:37

os we are well mathced
a dna venn diagrma that includes htose of us who are htick and did breastfeed
to skew the stats

OP posts:
hunkermunker · 15/05/2006 14:37

There already is one, you're just too dopey to find it Grin

niceglasses · 15/05/2006 14:38

Wot if your thick and ugly?

Lifelong membership.........

nailpolish · 15/05/2006 14:39

what about a "run-of-the-mill-average" kids section too

and a "nothing-to-write-home-about" parents section

cod · 15/05/2006 14:39

yes deffo
what abotu quite clever but over emotional at losing sport or any cometitives game relaly

thats ds

OP posts:
Enid · 15/05/2006 14:40

oooh yes fab

a 'Duffers' section

cod · 15/05/2006 14:40

its a millstone tbh

arf nad runs

OP posts:
Enid · 15/05/2006 14:40

dd1 too

cod · 15/05/2006 14:40

fgs is htats lal ou have to worry abotu then get a life

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 15/05/2006 14:42

How about a thick pets section? My dog would qualify

Natch dd in G&T section so don't need to worry She speaks 7 languages aged 3

VeniVidiVickiQV · 15/05/2006 14:42

I think, what you are really after Mrs Trawlermans Delight, is a board that you can thoroughly tear to shreds for your own pleasure.....

I think there should be a board called Cod's/Clique's Playpen Grin

Kelly1978 · 15/05/2006 14:45

pmsl Grin Was waiting for something to be said about that section.

hunkermunker · 15/05/2006 14:46

pmsl at Mrs TD Grin

ds2 in arnms so typing shit

Jimjamskeepingoffvaxthreads · 15/05/2006 14:47

PMSL cod. you're on fine form.

cod · 15/05/2006 14:52

jimjmas you posts recently have moved me to tears.
YOU have htings to worry about and you cope admirably

you never hear " well, algernon is a drop out unemployed homeless person beacuse, do you kwo what he was TOO clever"

OP posts:
Jimjamskeepingoffvaxthreads · 15/05/2006 14:59

PMSL cod, you are making me laugh out loud today. I can't have made the fish cry :o My aunt rang up yesterday to wish ds1 (via me obviusly) a very happy birthday, She then started going on about how my cousin had been told he should apply to Oxford, but she was really worried that if he did that then he might be headhunted and they really weren't sure they wanted him headhunted. I came off the phone and howled with laughter.

WideWebWitch · 15/05/2006 20:32

hahahahaha! I reckon I'm the only mother I know who thinks her child might be a bit dim really Grin

MotherOfaPlodder · 15/05/2006 20:33

no but id hthey were woudl you knwo in what percentage of dimnees htey wer?
al thes poor bullied thick kids

SoupDragon · 15/05/2006 20:34

Can we have a "I Hate Camping" topic too?

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