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A suggestion.....

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popsycal · 24/01/2004 22:57

When you are posting on a thread, the only way that you can submit the post is by stopping typing, getting the mouse and clicking on post message.

Is there anyway that a keyboard 'submit' could be made to make things easier?

Don;t ask for much do I?
Mumsnet is great btw....just a little suggestion.....

OP posts:
pie · 24/01/2004 22:58

You can always tab down until the post message button is highlighted then hit enter

pie · 24/01/2004 22:59

If you press tab 6 times this should do it.

pupuce · 25/01/2004 09:26

test.... didn't work for me....

kiwisbird · 25/01/2004 10:40


pie · 25/01/2004 11:00

How are you doing it?

mummysurfer · 25/01/2004 11:03

i'm trying

mummysurfer · 25/01/2004 11:04

tes tab x 6 then enter

pie · 25/01/2004 11:26

did it work for you mummysurfer?

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