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What, if anything,should I do?

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babyonboard · 24/04/2006 11:41

I have recieved a very threatening and quite nasty email from someone.
I have suspicions about who it is and it contains lots of info the person could have only found by reading my mumsnet posts.
I have just realised how much personal info i have put on here trusting it is somwhat 'anonymous', including my email address, place I live, babies full name, even familyphotos .

So should i ask mnhq to delete all my posts and then change my username and be more cautious in future?
or just leave it all alone as this person has already found out all they need to?
i'd hate to delete all my posts as it is a kind of 'blog' for me through my pregnancy and babies life
argh what to do.

OP posts:
FinnyandZooey · 24/04/2006 11:43

Oh god, sorry I don't know what you should do but just wanted to say how bloody awful for you :(

babyonboard · 24/04/2006 11:43

oh..and it's not via cat and definitly not a mumsnetter..i know who the person is as me and dp had some nasty personal involvement with her a few years ago.

OP posts:
MillionDollarBaby · 24/04/2006 11:45

Unless she's threatening you in some way just ignore her. You could always change your name for future post.

It does sound horrible. Surely she must be a MNetter to have read all your posts..

Feistybird · 24/04/2006 11:45

Have you thought about reporting the email to the police ?

babyonboard · 24/04/2006 11:45

thanks fandz
maybe just ignore it and mention it to the police if she persists (we have a history with her)

OP posts:
babyonboard · 24/04/2006 11:47

I don't see whyshe'd be an mnetter..she has nochildren/isn't a nannyor anything/isn't ttc.
..i'm only guessing she has googled my email address atsome point and come across it on here, as there is no way she'd evn know i had a baby let alone all th other stuff she mentions in the emil.

OP posts:
waterfalls · 24/04/2006 11:48

I would report it to the police, threatening behaviour is illeagal after all, why should it be any different that it was in writing as appose to verbal.

Whatever you decide to do, remember she is likely to see this thread, so try not to say to much here.

FinnyandZooey · 24/04/2006 11:48

On reflection I would ignore it - as you say, the person has already read your posts, and why delete your writing if you would like to look back on it one day?

Be more careful in future if you wish, but it would be a shame to let one cruel and sick person spoil your enjoyment of the relative anonymity we have on here :)

MillionDollarBaby · 24/04/2006 11:49

Oh I see.. that sounds very strange, even that she's bothered to google your mail address! Can you change your mail address? or just have that one post deleted..

Why would she go to all this bother?

babyonboard · 24/04/2006 11:50

thanks, you are right..the harm is done.
she maybe a little crazy but i'm not worried she could do anything to us really.
it just gave me quite a shock.

hope she does read this actually..if so..

bugger off you sad cow!stop living in the're the one who screwed us over. do you have nothing better to do!?

OP posts:
FinnyandZooey · 24/04/2006 11:55

Yes, piss off you silly tart! Leave babyonboard alone! If you had a real life you wouldn't need to send her bitchy emails, you sad and twisted person Angry


babyonboard · 24/04/2006 11:56 much!

OP posts:
FinnyandZooey · 24/04/2006 12:02

LOL, I feel strangely purged too :)

babyonboard · 24/04/2006 12:06

i'm trying to resist sending her a nasty email not'd be wrong for so many reasons.
best justhope shes still snooping and comes acros this thread..

glad you made me see the funny side as i was panicking my ass off when i first got it. she's a very twisted and horrible person who i thought we'd succesfully purged from our lives..

OP posts:
zippitippitoes · 24/04/2006 12:33

well if she has already read stuff then deleting won't help..but you could just tinker slightly with your name so that you are still recognized but she won't be able to search out your new posts unless she happens to see an active thread

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