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EHmum · 09/04/2006 16:59

What about "book reviews" as well as "movie reviews" in fun and games. I know there are other sites that do this but i like using mumsnet!

OP posts:
SenoraPostrophe · 09/04/2006 17:01

there is a \link{\book club} rather than a book review section.

EHmum · 09/04/2006 17:03

I have seen this. Just thought it would be more organised if you had threads on a single book with the book title as the subject.

OP posts:
SenoraPostrophe · 09/04/2006 17:06

you can if you like!

it was originally for book club-like discussions of a single book, but fizzled out when the organiser had a baby.

JoolsToo · 09/04/2006 17:08

just finished Ben Elton - Past Mortem, really enjoyed it Grin

EHmum · 09/04/2006 17:13

SP, I would start a discussion there to see if people want to use it differently but would feel a bit dictatorial! It's just that the movie review section seems to naturally promote thread subjects based on the film title, but the book club is a mis-mash of thread subjects.

JoolsToo - I've read that as well and enjoyed it - but what do you think of my suggestion?!

OP posts:
SenoraPostrophe · 09/04/2006 17:15


which book do you want to review and I'll start a thread for you! I don't mind bossing people about.

EHmum · 09/04/2006 17:18

Let's try "The God of Small Things" by Arundhati Roy which I love but dh can't get past the first few pages.

OP posts:
kipper22 · 09/04/2006 17:31

would love to join you but haven't read it. could you post a thread saying sometihng like "we intend to talk about god of small things in x weeks..." so that i don't miss out on giving my opinion? Or is that very selfish of me?! Blush

SenoraPostrophe · 09/04/2006 17:32

kipper - that's what we used to do. but I've posted the thread now Blush

I'd offer to organise regular book club threads, but haven't got time. maybe I'll have some after easter.

kipper22 · 09/04/2006 17:45

never mind! maybe i'll konw the next one! would be good if something similar could be started - i would definately join in. :)

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