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OK This has probably been asked recently but...

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CHICagoMUM · 06/04/2006 20:51

What is going on with "search archive messages"? I am trying to find some of my old postings to re-collect some info I was given, but when I type my(or anyone elses) name into it it comes back with "0 messages". I really could do with finding that info, so any suggestions?

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BingoStingo · 06/04/2006 20:52

ive had htat today for a few

SaintGeorge · 06/04/2006 20:57

By tech on Monday, 27 March, 2006 10:09:43 PM

There's a fault which means if you put anything in the "nickname matches" or since fields you get no matches. Just leave those blank and put the words you want to find in the main box and it works better. We'll fix it properly, but it might not be for a few days.
Regards, Tech

I have found that if you want to find a post just by nickname then you can try to use 'search current messages' and you get some old stuff up.

Unfortunately the Mumsnet Google search has been disabled.

CHICagoMUM · 06/04/2006 21:06

Thanks SG, have found it now.

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