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Help: Can't change my nickname post Christmas

4 replies

StarryStressyHead · 27/12/2003 23:00

I let my sister log on and register today and then I went to try and change from my Christmasy name back to my normal name but the profile page has her details in it. Can anyone tell me how to get back to my profile. I'm able to post in my Chistmas name though.

OP posts:
Lou33 · 27/12/2003 23:22

Have you just tried changing all her details back to yours then updating? I'm sure you have, but thought I would state the obvious!

uplate · 28/12/2003 00:49

clear out your temp internet files and cookies then log on to mumsnet again and try - your sisters details are stored on yr PC as a temporary file from mumsnet when she registered and this is stopping you changing yr details.

StressyHead · 29/12/2003 20:02

message withdrawn

TurnBayckTime · 04/09/2023 09:22

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