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Why are there only threads from 1 Mar in other subjects? Can anyone help me find an old thread?

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WideWebWitch · 14/03/2006 18:57

Or am I being thick? I'm looking for a thread I started about moving to MK/Northants/Bucks and I can't see it anywhere. Should there be thousands of threads in other subjects, why can I only see from 1 Mar onwards? Thanks to anyone who can help me find the thread/answer the question.

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iota · 14/03/2006 18:59

ha, so you are heading this way Smile

iota · 14/03/2006 19:01

have bumped thread for you

JJmumsnet · 14/03/2006 19:06

Hiya, if you use \link{\this link}, you should be able to browse all 20,200+ threads. :)

WideWebWitch · 14/03/2006 19:56

Thanks both of you!

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