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one new emoticon please = that of eye rolling

26 replies

cod · 03/03/2006 12:58

it is sorely needed

OP posts:
NotQuiteCockney · 03/03/2006 12:59

Hmm, the only eyerolling emoticons I've seen were, you know, animated ones.

NomDePlume · 03/03/2006 13:00

Just a normal still one with it's eyes to the sky and disapproving eyebrows (!) would be plenty.

cod · 03/03/2006 13:00

oh relly.. hmm

OP posts:
Piffle · 03/03/2006 13:01

I'd like a parp type one where you lookmlike you're whistling air and drumming fingers and bored...

NotQuiteCockney · 03/03/2006 13:03

Yeah, eyes to the sky would do it. As long as it isn't a moving emoticon, because, you know, those are evil.

Actually, I don't think we need emoticons at all, I barely ever use them. You don't either, do you cod? Which makes this all a bit pointless, doesn't it?

bran · 03/03/2006 13:09

Perhaps tech could write a little sub-routine just for cod that goes onto every thread in active conversations and adds a comment in her name from a list of her usual comments. It would save her having to read annoying threads. Wink

Suggestions for comments are:
Oh for goodness sake;
I hate it when people say this sort of thing;
Have you searched the archives on this subject?

cod · 03/03/2006 13:09

i am increasinlgy emoticon freindly

OP posts:
cod · 03/03/2006 13:10

and ooh er missus bran


OP posts:
Surfermum · 03/03/2006 13:12

She'll be hugging us next.

Enid · 03/03/2006 13:12

that one off msn is good

bran · 03/03/2006 13:13

Grin and phew that cod hasn't slapped me in the face with her tail.

Enid · 03/03/2006 13:13

\link{\the last smiley one}

Enid · 03/03/2006 13:14

sorry thats gone all small

cod · 03/03/2006 13:14

why have you a bear in yours?

OP posts:
NotQuiteCockney · 03/03/2006 13:18

I like bran's plan. Um, except you've misspelt all of cod's comments, surely?

bran · 03/03/2006 13:25

You're right NQC, everyone would be able to tell the difference between a real comment and an automatic one if it's legible. Grin Tech will have to sample some of her previous real comments to make it authentic.

cod · 10/03/2006 13:48


OP posts:
WickedViperWitch · 10/03/2006 13:54

\link{\could we have this one, it would calm a lot of situations down I think}

cod · 10/03/2006 13:54

lol like your tossy c section one

OP posts:
WickedViperWitch · 10/03/2006 13:57

hahaha, yeah, go on then, dare you! I just can't stay away from it, I have had too much timeon my hands these past few weeks!

zippitippitoes · 10/03/2006 13:59


are you being disingenuous? Smile

I think a flirty/coy one would be fun like on cartoons

WickedViperWitch · 10/03/2006 14:01

No, no, I was joking, see how I did that Zippi, did ya? Grin

TinyGang · 10/03/2006 14:14

You'll all be wanting tickers next.

harpsichordcarrier · 10/03/2006 14:17

pmsl wvw
that would be bloody useful

more for the cod-file
get a grip
oh god not this again
is this STILL going on

Hausfrau · 10/03/2006 14:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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