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3 replies

doormat · 06/12/2005 20:49

Watching this at mo
very good
so how come mumsnet does not get a mention

OP posts:
Hulababy · 06/12/2005 20:51

It is listed inthe credits at the end. And it is mentioned that they run a parenting site.

I am sure the team did give a reason as to why it wasn't allowed to be mentiond.

doormat · 06/12/2005 20:56

yes, hula I guessed straight away when I heard the names
but was a bit disappointed at MUMSNET not getting mentioned by word
but most prob these tv production companies can be a bit funny

never knew mumsnet had 20 million hits a year though

OP posts:
JustineMumsnettlewine · 07/12/2005 15:08

Yes unfortunately they wouldn't allow a direct mention of Mumsnet - something to do with broadcasting standards. Hope folks who are keen to visit can work it out though...

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