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today's top tip - Hulababy you rock

13 replies

BearintheBigBlueHouse · 02/12/2005 12:59

But you clearly have too much time on your hands - getting the wretched things wrapped is touch and go, never mind removing the wires/tags/etc. That said, this Christmas I am going to find the time somehow.

Hope you won some amazing competition with that tip. My tips must all be shte, cause I never win ANYTHING*

OP posts:
FlameRobin · 02/12/2005 13:01

I told my sister about doing that last year, and ever since any gift she gets DD she meticulously unties it, and if it won't stay in place, ties it back on with thread and bows!!! Hoping she never catches on that I couldn't be bothered to do it myself

WeWhizzzYouAMerryXmas · 02/12/2005 13:15

WHat a great idea - truely a Top Tip !

MerlinsBeard · 02/12/2005 13:28

where/what is this tip?

AwayInAMunker · 02/12/2005 13:48

Before wrapping up your children's presents - open the boxes and remove all of those little twisty bits of wire holding the toy to the package. It'll make Christmas Day much less stressful and the kids will be able to use their presents straight away. (Hulababy)

On the homepage of MN. Good tip, HB!

gingerbear · 02/12/2005 13:50

Mine would be to put together the trike/kitchen/dolls house or whatever before Christmas day to save tears of frustration (by child but ESPECIALLY the parent)

Glitterygook · 02/12/2005 13:51

Hula - what a fab idea!! I'm going to do that now! Will buy you a drink tomorrow for that one!

Hey, quite excited about meeting everyone now!

MerlinsBeard · 02/12/2005 13:51

thanks hunker (??!!) i actually already do that! maybe i should post my good ideas hmm. We call em bomb tags here tho coz it takes bombs to remove some of them.

MarsyChristmas · 02/12/2005 13:56

I told a woman that tip a couple of weeks ago in a shop in Watford lol.

It's a fantastic tip!!

AwayInAMunker · 02/12/2005 13:57

You were in Watford, yet didn't think to contact me to meet you there? Hmm?

MarsyChristmas · 02/12/2005 14:00

I was finishing my Christmas shopping and didn't want to blow you away with my super efficiency lol

Had I known how gorgeously beautiful you are... then of course I would've let you know. Hindsight eh?

AwayInAMunker · 02/12/2005 14:02

LOL! OK then, you can have that one. Is Watford somewhere you often go?

MarsyChristmas · 02/12/2005 14:04

Nope.... just Christmas shopping... though once the DTs are off my hands more.. who knows. It's a lovely place to shop!

You realise we've hijacked this thread and someone's gonna shout don't you? lol

AwayInAMunker · 02/12/2005 14:06

Yes. I'm a hijacker. And I don't care

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