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Tech - bug in preview mode ?

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hub2dee · 21/11/2005 19:41


Just started convo in chat - subject

"send my love" - well, do you ?

(all above punctuation included).

I went to Preview, it looked OK, and then went to click 'Create Conversation' but got challenged with a 'do you really want to create a topic with no subject ?' (I had to paste the subject text again).

Dunno if you're tweaking the script, or if it's because of the quotation marks, or if I'm doing something unusual without realising it (don't think so; I repeated the action again)...

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HRHWickedwaterwitch · 21/11/2005 19:42

The spacing's weird in preview too. It seems to correct when you post though!

hub2dee · 21/11/2005 19:43

Hi Tech - I just double-checked.... yeah, subjects with double quote marks must fudge with your string parsing or sommit.


OP posts:
hub2dee · 21/11/2005 19:45

www - yeah, I raised this a while back but no one commented !!! LOL

It did change, didn't it. IMHO it looks somewhat odd / fuxored.

Will e-mail tech if he doesn't see this thread in a day or so.

OP posts:
HRHWickedwaterwitch · 21/11/2005 19:47

Ooh well hub, if I'd have been here that day I'd have posted to agree!

hub2dee · 21/11/2005 20:02

Who gave you permission to be absent ?

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