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Having problems logging in due to cookies

4 replies

Blossomhill · 01/10/2005 22:05

Apparently my browser doesn't accept them. Is there anyway I can make it so it does?

Thanks. I am useless with this kind of thing.

OP posts:
SleepySuzy · 01/10/2005 22:07

If you go into Control Panel>Internet options>Privacy you can alter the options there.

Blossomhill · 01/10/2005 22:15

Thanks Sleepysuzy - you are a star, it worked!

OP posts:
SleepySuzy · 02/10/2005 13:08

sorry, went offline!!

sammac · 02/10/2005 13:17

I was having problems with cookies too and had to delete most of them( didn't know anything about this) Had to delete over 3500 of them!!! Smug dh now has prove I'm on here too much

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