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The top ten most posted on threads in the history of mumsnet...

21 replies

twirlaround · 23/09/2005 16:46

Surely mumsnet is now old enough to have it's own top tens?

Please tech could you satisfy my sorry thirst for statistics by giving us the top ten most posted on threads ever!

Or do any mumsnetters know the answer from observation?!!!

OP posts:
beansprout · 23/09/2005 16:46

The "Don't post on THIS thread" one?

twirlaround · 23/09/2005 16:47
OP posts:
MascaraOHara · 23/09/2005 16:49

I think the two I've posted on most were Cliches and don't post but I don't know if they are the most posted on though

twirlaround · 24/09/2005 19:40

obviously this thread is not destined to be in the top ten

OP posts:
starlover · 24/09/2005 19:41

the thread killer one
and QoQ;'s bad mummy one

littlemissbossy · 24/09/2005 19:42

the earth mother thread?

SherlockLGJ · 24/09/2005 19:42

The Judge Flounce implode ??

starlover · 24/09/2005 19:47

boys in dresses?

starlover · 24/09/2005 19:48

anything that mentions titania
anything by lavender

littlemissbossy · 24/09/2005 19:48

OR the eating grapes before you pay for them, dummies or thumbs, bottle or breast threads

SherlockLGJ · 24/09/2005 19:49

The cat on the fence and the football.

Caligula · 24/09/2005 19:49

How long has mumsnet been going?

SleepySuzy · 24/09/2005 19:49

THE I'm new one

SherlockLGJ · 24/09/2005 19:50

1900 and frozen to death

starlover · 24/09/2005 19:50

oh the m£%$^pa ones!

Whizzz · 24/09/2005 20:00

The Peach Pear Plum one is still going !

Gobbledigook · 24/09/2005 20:01

There was one about Jamie Bulger that ran and ran and was a right corker!

Lonelymum · 24/09/2005 20:01

Lavenderrr's final thrust was quite a long one wasn't it? The one where she went on about pheasant shooting.

staceym11 · 24/09/2005 20:59

the Vaunda thread (started as How much do you ignor your children) is the longest iv seen!

SleepySuzy · 24/09/2005 21:05

That was 1501 messages long!

staceym11 · 24/09/2005 21:12

now anyone do better than that! lol, whoever started that one deserves a medal!

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