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it's just occurred to me that this forum

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zippitippitoes · 18/09/2005 16:51

has a theoretical facility to click on the poster's name to be taken to a profile of some decription but it's not used.

I mean the name on each post in blue and underlined

Have you ever thought about enabling it if that is what it is for?

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snafu · 18/09/2005 16:53

I've always thought that. In fact I think I spent a fair amount of time in my early MN days madly clicking on names to see what popped up.

MarsLady · 18/09/2005 16:53

good point zippitippitoes ( I always say zippitidoodah when I see your name )

zippitippitoes · 18/09/2005 16:59

I'm not sure what I'd want to put in it (nothing probably!!) but I'm sure some fun could be had and those who wanted could link to their photos and stuff..

or they could put their tickers there

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