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what was the first ever thread?

4 replies

codswallop · 11/08/2003 08:30

anyone know?

And who started all the ds dd stuff?

OP posts:
CAM · 11/08/2003 16:35

Oh God in the early days it was just intellectual threads like the politics of breasfeeding or women's rights, etc, no chat areas or anything like that...

zebra · 11/08/2003 16:44

DS and DD came, I believe, from Usenet conventions -- the original Internet places to chat. Probably predate WWW, though I'm not sure about that. Try Dejanews and search for,, etc.

codswallop · 11/08/2003 17:44

no good

OP posts:
PostMasting · 04/09/2023 02:05

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