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Please, i think its a good idea re searching, i don't want to see chat

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fairyfly · 25/08/2005 10:45

could i have the search facility to not read bullshit, it's quite simple, the ones who want to read it can click on the bullshit button.

I think it's a good idea, my goodness i hope people back me up.

OP posts:
Fio2 · 25/08/2005 10:50

yes but no one would read your threads my dear....

anorak · 25/08/2005 10:51

Yeah, between the three of us we write most of it, don't we?

anorak · 25/08/2005 10:52

Yesterday was the best day on mn for yonks. Not because of the bullshit but because of the reactions to it.

And the twat's poetry was wondrous!

littlemissbossy · 25/08/2005 10:53

great idea, but would there be anything to read?

marthamoo · 25/08/2005 10:53

It would be rather dull without the bullshit

moozoboozo · 25/08/2005 10:54

I thought MN was great yesterday. Troll baiting at its best. I got bored with all the milupa crap though.

mumtosomeone · 25/08/2005 10:55

cant believe its still going on!!!!

fairyfly · 25/08/2005 10:59

tis true fio and anorak we would die in cyber heaven

OP posts:
EnidfromtheVILLAGE · 25/08/2005 11:00

you can have no chat and buying or selling

I love it

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