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errr everyone just calm down

25 replies

Fio2 · 24/08/2005 17:12

mumsnet is trying to stay afloat

if you dont want to use the chat boards any longer go along being pedantic

OP posts:
starlover · 24/08/2005 17:17

hear hear fio!

cadbury · 24/08/2005 17:18


moozoboozobillynomates · 24/08/2005 17:20

calm down calm down

Who'd have thought the middle one was sexy Owen from Holby City?

SoupDragon · 24/08/2005 17:21

Oooh yes, if you have an opinion that means a lot to you, just keep quiet about it.

QueenOfQuotes · 24/08/2005 17:21

but come on Soupy - how many threads about it now????

SoupDragon · 24/08/2005 17:22

So what? As I said before, there were 1001 threads about Big Brother.

Fio2 · 24/08/2005 17:23

well my tits and my bottles havbe been used how many people can say otherwise?

OP posts:
QueenOfQuotes · 24/08/2005 17:25

yes but Big Brother lasted how many WEEKS???

Each thread was a continuation of the old one (ie when one got too long a new one was started - or was it a new one every week?). Each discussing DIFFERENT things about BB.

Each of the threads about the ad have basically said the same thing over and over again!

Fio2 · 24/08/2005 17:25

omg killed my own thread, just want people to calm as i dont have an opinion

wheres the grass cadbury?

OP posts:
sunchowder · 24/08/2005 17:25

This is going to turn into another at this point. Can we just not allow people to have their opinions without all of this? I feel badly that valued members have decided to leave over this, I can't see that another rehash is going to make this any better. I don't understand where all this "unrest" is coming from. I don't believe that anyone was doing gross attention seeking by stating their positions. It would be nice to see this rest for today.

QueenOfQuotes · 24/08/2005 17:26

"I don't believe that anyone was doing gross attention seeking by stating their positions."

No but other people were by "announcing" their departure from MN for them

Fio2 · 24/08/2005 17:26

ere ere errrr this is a calm thread Qoif Q


now rest of you bog off if you cant be

OP posts:
spidermama · 24/08/2005 17:27

The threads stay alive and multiply because there are enough people interested baout them, passionate about them and keen to voice opinions.
These are important subjects.
Such is the nature of debate.

QueenOfQuotes · 24/08/2005 17:27

calm ???? you think I do calm????

I don't understand the meaning of the word............and if that means I've got to stop posting on the thread............

Fio2 · 24/08/2005 17:28


lavender iol drifts from the parapet>>>>>
OP posts:
spidermama · 24/08/2005 17:28

Great link moozoboozo. I'd forgotton about them.

sunchowder · 24/08/2005 17:28

Queen I would appreciate it very much if you would stop quoting me, I don't appreciate it. I don't know what all the laughing is about either.

spidermama · 24/08/2005 17:28

LOL fio. Perhaps NOT lavender though, eh?

Pruni · 24/08/2005 17:29

Message withdrawn

Gobbledigook · 24/08/2005 17:29

Why do there need to be so many threads though - won't one do? It's ridiculous.

BB had a few threads but only one at a time and it lasted 11 weeks! This is all about one tiny part of the homepage that most people didn't even know about until attention was drawn to it.

Fio2 · 24/08/2005 17:29

frig wish i never started this
meanwhile my kids are giving cheap beedays or however you spell it to each other

OP posts:
moozoboozobillynomates · 24/08/2005 17:30

no probs spidermama.

eh eh eh

spidermama · 24/08/2005 17:35

It's becoming more than that Gobble.
Mulipa-Gate has already claimed the resignations of several respected MNers.
I'm wondering where it'll all end.

Blu · 24/08/2005 17:36

I am calm, very calm.
have been all day.

whimsy · 24/08/2005 17:36


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