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Is anyone saying anything new?

12 replies

happymerryberries · 24/08/2005 10:20

Some are against
Some are for
Most (if not all) would agree that brest is best wherever possible
Somethimes it isn't and thoise mums need information of bottle feeding
Mumsnet needs the money
It wouldn't if we all paid up
Its a moral issue
Lets all just chill

Have I missed anything? Can we agree to differ and take whatever steps we personaly feel are best?

Hugs to everyone and all sides

OP posts:
bonkerz · 24/08/2005 10:21

here here

flamesparrow · 24/08/2005 10:22

Awww, how warm and fuzzy.

SleepySuzy · 24/08/2005 10:22

Thank you HMB

spacecadet · 24/08/2005 10:22

def- i wish it would all end now.

swiperfox · 24/08/2005 10:22


jampots · 24/08/2005 10:22

are you looking for a fight?

ks · 24/08/2005 10:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

happymerryberries · 24/08/2005 10:23

I'm taking out my earings and stepping ourside as I type (long arms)....come on if you are feeling hard enough!

OP posts:
swiperfox · 24/08/2005 10:24

Uh oh........

happymerryberries · 24/08/2005 10:24

Damn I forgot the Yurt and I pitched the bloody thing all on my own! Where were you lot then??? Huh, Huh??? Drinking all the bloody nettle wine and eating all the placenta pate!

OP posts:
MrsGordonRamsay · 24/08/2005 10:24

Take refuge here, it is so quiet, that it has tumbleweed blowing through

ks · 24/08/2005 10:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

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