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Avent bottles - a HUGE disappointment

38 replies

wickedstepmother · 22/06/2003 19:06

Feeling peeved with then and I wanted to vent my frustrations so where better...

I bought these bottles before DDs birth 10 months ago as I assumed that they were very good due to the price being so high (common trap?). However, I have found them to be almost completely useless. They leak and often the teat 'collapses'. I don't fit them togther any differently when they leak to when they don't - it is pot luck. I've lost count of the number of times I've had to change DDs clothes due to the milk pouring out from underneath the white 'ring'. Has anyone else been less than impressed with these bottles ?

OP posts:

bloss · 23/06/2003 05:33

Message withdrawn


Ghosty · 23/06/2003 08:43

I agree with bloss wsm and gingernut ... send them back and get your money back!
Just a question .... Are you making up your bottle with really hot water or do you wait until the water has cooled a bit before you make them up? I ask because I used avent bottles for DS from 6 weeks until we ditched his bedtime bottle a couple of months ago (he is 3). They very rarely leaked and if they did it was usually when DH (usually or I made up the bottles using water that was still very hot from the kettle. If there is steam still coming from the water the powder clumps and used to stick to the edge of the bottle ... to the 'thread' bit IYKWIM ... If there is powder stuck there then the white ring bit won't be sealed properly and then there would be a leak?
Does this make sense???


Hughsie · 23/06/2003 08:58

I've mainly found avent to be fine but would send them back if they are leaky. When they have leaked it has been down to me I think although we did have one we stopped using - always ended up fitting different bits together for different bottles so was never sure which was the culprit!

Its like the anyway up cups and all the similar ones - it is whatever works for you really.


gingernut · 23/06/2003 09:36

I only had 2 Avent bottles (and 6 MAWS ones) so I can't be bothered to send them back! At the time I just tried to avoid using them if at all possible. It wasn't anything to do with the temperature of the water when we made up the bottles (although I know what you mean). We made the bottles up in exactly the same way as we made up the MAWS ones, but the Avent ones leaked all over ds when I fed him whereas the MAWS ones never did. As far as I can remember (haven't used bottles for a while now), it was because if you unscrew them a bit to allow water into the bottle as the baby sucks, it's very easy to unscrew the Avent ones a bit too much (i.e. it's only a very tiny difference between it being just right and the milk gushing out). With the MAWS bottles, this adjustment is so much easier. So I just got fed up with the Avent ones - bad design IMO, although they do say a bad worker blames his tools!

WSM, do you agree?

(By the way WSM, off topic I know but I hope you've been to the docs, IYKWIM).


iota · 23/06/2003 09:46

I found that Avent bottles were less inclined to leak if the teat was wet when assembled - seems to make a better seal. I also never slackened the white ring - do it up tightly.
Having said this, I only used bottles after 6 mths as was b/f before, so can't claim to be a real expert.


badjelly · 23/06/2003 10:04

Not had any real problems with my avent ones - the variflow teats almost drowned my dd so gave up on them eventually but the bottles have been fine, on the few occasions that they've leaked we've just slightly unscrewed and rescrewed the top back on and its sorted it out.


jodee · 23/06/2003 10:30

Out of interest, did anyone specifically buy Avent because GF said they were the best?! Have to admit, I did!

Never had any leakage problems unless I'd failed to push the teat fully into the white ring, then they gushed all over the shop, but apart from that, fine.


SamboM · 23/06/2003 10:33

WSM, I used Avent and the only time I had a prob was when I was away and using sterilising tablets rather than my steam steriliser. Which do you use?

Otherwise they have been brilliant.


webmum · 23/06/2003 14:29

I occasionally had leeks, esp when dd was just a bbay, I suppose I've now learned how to do them, yes you do need to pull the teat up from the ring to amke sure it fits, I think I remember reading about this on their website.


wickedstepmother · 23/06/2003 14:44

Hi guys, sorry about the delay - I've been at work

ginge, are you refering my ahem, 'back door problem' ?!

Sambo - I use the Avent steam steriliser every time !

My 'technique' does not differ in the slightest from leaky to non-leaky. I doubt I'll bother complaining to Avent as I wrote to M&P about their Pliko and it's useless shopping basket and all i got in response was "We get very few complaints about this, so bog off" (paraphrasing obv!), despite almost everyone i know who owns one complaining about ti. The complaints were obviously never written down and directed at M&P.

Sorry, I sound like a right old whinger don't I ?!!

OP posts:

Gini · 23/06/2003 16:42

I thought that they were rubbish too - the teat was too wide and if the bottle didn't leak all over him itself kelt breaking his suck and spitting it out! I now have a half dozen or so hardly used avent bottles - any takers?? (free obviously)


gingernut · 23/06/2003 18:16

WSM, yes I am. Hope it is improved. WRT the Avent bottles, we can form a little whinging club together (with Gini if she wants to join in too), then I can be the ginger whinger


oliveoil · 24/06/2003 12:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

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