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what was the biggest hit this xmas?

68 replies

codswallop · 04/01/2005 10:31

or suprise hit

OP posts:

KateandtheGirls · 04/01/2005 16:20

DD1 (5) - My Little Pony.

DD2 (2.5) - InteracTV


Enid · 04/01/2005 16:24

dd1 - a £1.25 magnet
dd2 - Maisy art set


Azzie · 04/01/2005 16:26

DD (5) - Playmobil pirate ship (have to confess I love it too...)

DS (7) - 2 books of football stories - we hardly had a word out of him all over Christmas because he had his nose stuck in them!


Ailsa · 04/01/2005 23:56



sallystrawberry · 05/01/2005 00:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Surfermum · 05/01/2005 00:08

As usual the things that cost least were played with most - splatter eggs (50p) and balloons to make into things like dogs (£1).


anteater · 05/01/2005 00:19

toy cooker for 2 y old was taken over by all the kids.


PuffTheMagicDragon · 05/01/2005 00:22

ds1 (3.5) and ds2 (1.5) both love the pop-up post office and pop up play tunnel we bought. I love them cos they're easy to fold down to nothing at the end of the day.


Socci · 05/01/2005 00:25

Message withdrawn


happynewessbee · 05/01/2005 00:27

Message withdrawn


HappyNewCardigan · 05/01/2005 00:29

Mousetrap game & singing Barbie


triplets · 05/01/2005 00:54

Ello girls construction set, absolutely brilliant, a box full for 320, endless things to make, really brilliant. Unlike Spirograph which at
£17 was a real rip off.


kangasantamummy · 05/01/2005 01:14

LEGO big hit no surprize

TOP TRUMPS card games x 2

Dinosaurs and original star wars sets

He knows them all by heart

so when you give an answer he says "oh you've got........"

GEOMAG not really played with mind you we only have 2 boxes one bars and one panels IYSWIM


kangasantamummy · 05/01/2005 01:17

For me from DH was a wireless optical tilt and scroll wheel mouse


popsycal · 05/01/2005 09:59

ds loves his kitchen (that a friend of dh's gave us for free as her boys had finished with it - complete with every kind of play food from ELC)


lowcalCOD · 05/01/2005 12:15

oh and a boath toy form letterbox


lowcalCOD · 05/01/2005 12:15



LIZS · 05/01/2005 12:51

Biggest surprise hit was a book for dd from my dad called My Fairy Princess Palace - opens out to form a 3d pop up castle with push out figures adn accessories. dd has so far played with it for hours every day.

Pretty much everything else has proved a scucess for both ds and dd.

ds - Gameboy with Incredibles and Monsters Inc/Nemo games, Mountain Rescue centre with helicoptor, skidoo and snowplough, RC car, Playmobil Road Set and diggers, Bionicles, Mousetrap and Twister.

dd - dolls, travel cot for doll, Little People Castle, Disney princess scooter, Belle tea trolley.

Biggest disappointment is a RC Stunt Car which doesn't appear to have the necessary charger.

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