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what was the biggest hit this xmas?

68 replies

codswallop · 04/01/2005 10:31

or suprise hit

OP posts:

evian · 04/01/2005 12:12

Ealry Learning happy land sets - infact such a big hit we've been and brought a few more bits for it.


WideWebWitch · 04/01/2005 12:14

Geomag is good isn't it, never heard of it before. A get the ice cream van out of the traffic jam puzzle thing was a surprise hit too. Dp definitely loved the Arsenal tickets best (thanks CountessD!)


Blossomhill · 04/01/2005 12:16

ds loved his game boy and his T-Rex Hotwheels.

dd loved her leapster and my little pony castle


blueteddy · 04/01/2005 12:20

Ds1 got a gameboy from my Mum & has not put it down!


Marina · 04/01/2005 12:20

Definitely Kid K'nex, even though ds is five and nimble-fingered - he loved this.
Also enjoyed the usual suspect, Lego, and an infernal Micromachines thing that folds out from a truck into a post-industrial wasteland for teeny cars to chase each other in...
Two books were huge hits - Geraldine McCaughrean's anthology of stories from British history, Britannia, and Lauren Child's Hubert Horatio Bartle Bobton Trent.
Dd, one, loved her pushalong labrador dog and Russian nesting dolls from her godmother.


marialuisa · 04/01/2005 12:28

EmmaTMG-you can get them in Waterstones and Blackwells. Just head for the reference sections. There's quite a lot of "proper" info in the ones DD has as well as the colouring....


WideWebWitch · 04/01/2005 12:30

Oh I used to have those Russian nesting dolls Marina, they're lovely!


Marina · 04/01/2005 12:34

I confess I suggested them to dgm partly because dd is currently obsessed with taking things apart and then putting things in them, but mainly because I coveted them as a child and never had any


Aimsmum · 04/01/2005 12:34

Message withdrawn


lockets · 04/01/2005 12:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Twiglett · 04/01/2005 12:37

For DS (3.10) a toss-up between Pairs (a pack of cards to play pairs with which must have cost about 99p) and a shooting gallery .. with gun , cans and bottles that fly off a plastic log when you aim and fire (which must have cost a fortune and I'm still not sure how I feel about it)


Stripymouse · 04/01/2005 12:44

DD (3 and a half) loves her Mr Incredible "Violet" nightie and her new Care Bear - should not have spent so much on so many games. Have put a lot of toys away and will bring them out one by one over a few weeks.
DD2 (13 months) loves her Boohbah?s wobbly ball thing that lights up and randomly runs about the house not bad for a five

Wasted good money buying ELC washing machine, iron, pegs and line and ironing board for DD1 - not interested, neither am I so why I thought she would enjoy it I don?t know! Actually i do know why i bought it - hoping to train her up early


jodee · 04/01/2005 12:53

We treated ourselves as a family to a portable dvd player for the car (we only had a video player indoors), but ds likes it so much it's set up in the dining room on his little table and he's pretty much been sat in front of it all Christmas! (We did do painting this morning, so I'm not a totally bad mother!)


morningpaper · 04/01/2005 13:02

DD loved her 6.99 plastic doll from Woolworths - she honestly doesn't give a toss about anything else.

Worst buy was the Balamory Josie Jump Mat - total crap.

I reckon that 50% of our presents are already in bags for the charity shop - feel like a bitch but we really don't need anything.


Lucycat · 04/01/2005 13:07

DD1 has lived in her 'Princess and the Pauper' dress (pink side only of course!) complete with Anneliese doll. She was gutted when she had to put her school uniform on this morning!! DD2 (20mths) just wanted everything that DD1 had, and Dh loves DD2's Wheels on the Bus with the steering wheel thingy. Boys don't grow up they just get older!!


Pollyanna · 04/01/2005 13:19

Definitely the princess and the pauper barbie castle for dd1 (huge heap of hideous pink plastic bought by my sister) - baby annabel was a flop.

ds loves his playmobil castle. Geomag was a surprise hit.

dd2 was just pleased to get some toys of her own I think!


posyhairdresser · 04/01/2005 13:43

My Little Pony.



SantaClausfrau · 04/01/2005 13:58

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tigermoth · 04/01/2005 15:09

hope someone does a link to this thread when thoughts turn to christmas shopping for 2005.


Aimsmum · 04/01/2005 15:14

Message withdrawn


turquoise · 04/01/2005 15:14

As always with us - two of the cheapest stocking fillers were the big winners: plastic place mats, one with the chemistry periodic table for ds (very strange boy) and the sign language alphabet for dd.
Also Quidditch pc game for ds, and dd had an "American Girl" video she's watched about 3 times a day - everything else has gathered dust since boxing day.


clary · 04/01/2005 15:18

DS1 loves his bike, DD so enthusiastic about her fold-up scooter. DS2 likes his little tikes road and rail set (£2 in school fair) and also the velcro pizza/ELC toaster, don't know why we never got them before.


beachyhead · 04/01/2005 15:58

The knights outfit, complete with plastic sword, which has only been taken away about 50 times so far.......and the army t shirt from grandma. Oh God boys are sooooooo different!!!!!!


helsy · 04/01/2005 16:13

Tesco Bingo game a hit with dd1 who will be 5 this week, Baby LeapPad and Fisher Price Peek a Boo Truck both very popular with dd2 who is 7 months. Daddy loved his Sopranos boxed DVD set!


AuntyQuated · 04/01/2005 16:16

bop it

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