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Jojomamanbebe problems

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gribber · 18/12/2004 18:04

Has anyone else experienced problems with JMB? I ask because I recently bought a spotty red jumper for DD (same as on catalogue cover) and the very first time I carefully handwashed it in COOL water it ran horribly. I sent it back, they sent another and this time I barely dunked it in COOL water and it ran so appallingly it irrevocably stained the radiator above which it was hanging, having been lovingly squeezed out and left to air dry. When I contacted JMB they insisted on doing their own 'wash tests' and have just sent me a snotty email claiming that even at 60 degrees/in washing machines/ trodden on by herds of marauding elephants etc their jumpers do not run. The long and the short of it is that they do, that I took the utmost care to wash them (in water far cooler than the recommended 40 degrees, hence my capitals earlier!) and they can do nothing. I will be contacting Trading Standards etc but I have to say that I am appalled and extremely disappointed at their attitude as I've used them many times in the post without problems. Would appreciate any feedback you can give as right now they seem to be implying that I'm making all this up. I'm not - and I've got photos of the radiator etc to prove it!!!

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