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baby einstein videos

26 replies

littleweed · 22/09/2004 12:19

Just wondered if anyone had any of these or any thoughts /opinions/favourites etc. I need something that will guarantee me 5 minutes peace now and then but don't hsve access to Cbeebies or anything like that.cheers LW

OP posts:

alux · 04/01/2005 15:37

As a teacher, I went to a course by a man who studies how we learn in a world class technology university.

He says that Mozart's music is the ONLY one which promotes the right and the left hemispheres to 'talk' to each other while we work. Numerous neural channels exist between the hemispheres but hardly get used - ever but Mozart's music make them work. For this reason he advocates playing the music at even the barely audible level in classrooms for high and low ability children.

However, the communication between hemispheres doesn't happen anymore if lyrics are involved.

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