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Which maternity and nursing bras would you recommend?

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TinaMumsnet · 03/09/2019 14:27

We're making plans to update our maternity and nursing bra reviews and we'd love to know which ones you'd recommend.

Your suggestions will help us to create a shortlist of bras to test over three months, as we try to find the best value maternity and feeding bras on the market.


OP posts:
ViserionTheDragon · 06/09/2019 22:50

Another vote for Bravado

Chickoletta · 06/09/2019 23:06

Hot milk - amazing!

kunderscorej · 07/09/2019 11:01

Hot milk were a revelation

ConorMcGregorsChin · 07/09/2019 12:47

Hot milk and Royce

FiveFarthings · 07/09/2019 13:06

Freya with flexi wire. My boobs have gone up to a 38E since breastfeeding and fabric nursing bras just don’t cut it for me during the day. At night I am sleeping in Jojo Maman Bebe bog standard nursing bras which provide enough support and comfort for nighttime. I spent a fortune on some bamboo cotton nursing bras from Seraphine but after one wash they went baggy and rode up in the back. I’ve complained and have asked for my money back. Would not recommend them at all.

Fuiseog · 07/09/2019 13:14

Would love suggestions for padded ones. Find there is often very little info in the descriptions when buying online about whether padded or not, so have already been stung buying two that looked suitable and weren't. Not looking for push-up or anything, but have always gone for padded for normal wear as have very obvious nipples Blush

jobbymcginty · 07/09/2019 13:42

I have large boobs hot milk were fantastic and comfy

WreckTangled · 07/09/2019 16:27

Panache! They're one of the only ones that go down to a 28 back which, as we all know, should be a common size.

allthatmalarkey · 07/09/2019 18:45

I second M&S two pack cotton ones. Great wear and value.

I love the jojomamanbebe nighttime cotton nursing bras so much I still wear them and the youngest stopped BFing 3 years ago.

Babdoc · 07/09/2019 20:06

I can’t help as I never bought one. I went from a 30AA pre pregnancy to a 32A, so just got an ordinary bra from M and S!

Pixie2015 · 07/09/2019 20:52

My favourite was my H&M nursing vests which I lived in day and night so comfortable - come in packs of 2 - also loved my primark bras over some of the more well known brands

PartridgeJoan · 07/09/2019 21:16

I've found H&M nursing bras to be good!

SheRaTheAllPowerful · 07/09/2019 21:30

Hotmilk here too although I bought some soft cheap ones from amazon as a 2 pack that I wear to bed as they are so comfortable I really like the A frame bras but they seem harder to find, I just find that the extra band across your boob just makes me feel more comfortable when out and about.
I have a big gap as previous children born more than 7 years ago but likeanother poster said, I had the Elle macpherson a frame maternity bras and I loved them

SheRaTheAllPowerful · 07/09/2019 21:31

Happy to test if you need!

emwithme · 07/09/2019 22:23

Another Molke fan here! Switched to them at about 28 weeks pregnant when my very high bump wasn't comfortable with underwire digging in every time I sat down, still live in them now DD is 9 months old.

But mostly I echo the PP who mentioned the fit - I swear by Boob or Bust; both M&S and Mothercare add unnecessary inches to the under-bust measurement. (M&S once told me - pre-pregnancy - that my then 38F boobs were actually a 46A Hmm - I had been losing weight and went in because I could literally spin my 44Ds round my body without them touching )

toddlermom · 07/09/2019 23:46

Latched do amazing ones for £12.50 each ( if you buy 2). They're comfy, look nice and hold my 38F boobs really well. All others felt too tight and painful round the strap. Latched is my favourite new find!

BertieBotts · 08/09/2019 10:14

I liked hot milk with my first baby, with my second i have used H&M nursing tank tops which have a sort of bra built in.

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