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Which maternity and nursing bras would you recommend?

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TinaMumsnet · 03/09/2019 14:27

We're making plans to update our maternity and nursing bra reviews and we'd love to know which ones you'd recommend.

Your suggestions will help us to create a shortlist of bras to test over three months, as we try to find the best value maternity and feeding bras on the market.


OP posts:
WilmaJean · 05/09/2019 19:47

The two-pack M&S ones (£32 I think). So comfy and made feeding a lot easier!

lookingatthings · 05/09/2019 20:29

Hotmilk! I have several from their range and love them all.

NameChange30 · 05/09/2019 20:38

I went up to an HH cup during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The most important thing is to get the size right; for that you need Boob or Bust, Bravissimo or a good independent bra shop.

My favourite bra for comfort and flexibility is the Sugar Candy bra. It's a soft stretchy bra so it's very comfortable and continues to fit when your size fluctuates (there are lots of hooks for adjusting the band too). The support is surprisingly good for a soft non-wired bra.

I also wore the Panache Sophie (had it in two colours) which was the prettiest non-wired bra for huge boobs that I managed to find! The support was pretty good although I did find there was a bit of a monoboob effect.

For night time I wore (and still wear) the Kindred Bravely sleep bras, there is a bigger bust size option and they are very comfy.

There are also the flexiwire bras by Freya and Panache but I didn't like the fit/style enough to buy them.

After I had been breastfeeding for several months and my boob size stopped fluctuating, I just bought normal (non-nursing) underwired bras and converted them to nursing bras using a kit from the Suckle Store. It was a relief to wear "normal" bras again that gave me good support and a flattering shape.

NameChange30 · 05/09/2019 20:40

PS None of the "mainstream" nursing bras from Mothercare etc fit me properly. I tried the Bravado one but it didn't go up to my size. I did buy a 2-pack of non-wired bras from M&S, I think they were light support sports bras, and wore them during pregnancy (not breastfeeding).

NameChange30 · 05/09/2019 20:43

"Wear just H&M nursing tanks till your supply settles down"

H&M nursing vests are not suitable for large breasts, mine fell out! Hot Milk nursing camis are the best because you can get small or large cup size versions (A-E or F-H IIRC)

Geneve · 05/09/2019 20:47

Anita underwired. They measure small so you may need to size up.

TinchyP · 05/09/2019 20:51

Bravado body silk - the only bra that didn't make me cry when I put it on my very sore nipples.

Mesmeri · 05/09/2019 21:39

I swore by Bravissimo - especially the Freya and Panache brands - for about 15 years, couldn't find anywhere else that had bras that fitted me properly even I'm at the smaller end by Bravissimo sizes, still too big for other mainstream shops apparently - unless I only wanted sports bras or 'granny' bras.

HOWEVER, I am currently breastfeeding my 4th baby and have recently discovered handmade bras from the one -woman enterprise Hiccups And Juice. Cross over front, no fastenings, easy to pull on over your head yet still supportive enough to sprint after a toddler on a balance bike. Oh, and it doesn't emphasize your back fat either! Total game changer for me.

KellyHall · 05/09/2019 22:18

I had a few different nursing bras but this was my favourite by far, I had it in nude and black

firsttimemumhere · 06/09/2019 07:16

I've got ones from simply be. They are comfy and give great support. Wearing 42DD at the moment

3boysandabump · 06/09/2019 07:43

Molke, hot milk & panache all do good nursing bras.

For night time primark do a bra pull on Bra/crop top thing that's brilliant. M&S do them as well but the primark one is just as good

KatharinaRosalie · 06/09/2019 08:07

I never found I needed special maternity bras. It's fine to wear underwires, if you're uncomfortable just check you don't need a different size (I went through about half a dozen sizes during pregnancy). But really hated the feel and look of shapeless non-wired bras, all sweaty monoboob.

Cornishmumofone · 06/09/2019 08:18

Syrokan ones are great for breastfeeding women who want to do sports.

WhistlingWilly · 06/09/2019 09:45

Definitely molke, brilliant underwear but also hand made in Scotland by a brilliant group of women. So you're supporting small UK business.

KatharinaRosalie · 06/09/2019 10:52

Oh and when testing bras, test also the fitting services. I overheard how a fitter at Mothercare was teaching her new colleague, that if a woman measures 31 inches, she needs a 36 bra..

horse4course · 06/09/2019 11:04

None. They're all awful.

Freya are the best of the bunch. Molke are good in the morning but sweaty monoboob by the end of the day.

I'm HH cup, by the time I take off in evening I could sing for the joy of getting the bloody thing off.

AppleHEAD · 06/09/2019 11:26

Elle MacPherson did some very pretty and well designed breast feeding bras. They lasted for all my children.

wwwwwwwwwwwwww · 06/09/2019 12:42

Royce were comfortable

Ribeebie · 06/09/2019 14:08

I struggled to find any that were flattering and in a bigger size. Comfort wise M&S ones were good. I got some prettier ones that were also comfy that were John Lewis own brand. As my supply is now well established I've been using normal bras at work now and only the nursing ones if I'm going out and will be feeding and need easy access. The normal
Ones I have from Freya give better shape and are prettier.

Rosie102 · 06/09/2019 17:09

Sorry to be boring, but also joining the Hotmilk club!

happyasasandboy · 06/09/2019 20:07

Freya Pure (nursing version). A normal underwired slightly padded plain bra with the addition of nursing clips.

So much better than non-wired mono-boob awfulness.

CloudRusting · 06/09/2019 20:09

Hot milk underwired

Grafittiqueen · 06/09/2019 21:36

Anita underwire bras were my favourite.

CorBlimeyGovenor · 06/09/2019 21:57

Bravado silk seamless nursing bras. Sooo comfortable, wore towards end of pregnancy as well as nursing. Plenty of support and stretch. Robust and easy to unclip one handed. Used to sleep in them at night with breast pads in them too.

CorBlimeyGovenor · 06/09/2019 22:01

Sorry, I meant Bravado Body silk seamless.

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