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Collapsible coffee cup

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Myshitisreal · 18/08/2019 17:29

Hi can anyone recommend a collapsible coffee cup. I would like it to be able to hold 500ml or just under. I've researched so long in going round in circles so works appreciate tried and tested recommendations. Thanks so much

OP posts:
TheJoxter · 18/08/2019 17:32

Stojo is the only kind I’ve come across. It works well, does what it needs to!

TheJoxter · 18/08/2019 17:33

The Stojo ‘biggie’ is 473ml

Myshitisreal · 19/08/2019 12:00

Thank so much. Is it leak proof enough to put in a backpack when full. Going to have a look for that one now

OP posts:
BlueberriesAndCream · 19/08/2019 12:07

No, I wouldn't. It is not meant to be leak-proof and transportable like that - it's not insulated either.

It works best as an alternative to a disposable cup, for something that you are going to drink relatively soon, and then you can fold it up to carry it for the rest of the day (or rinse first and then fold up and use it again later on).

If you want to carry a full cup around in a backpack, I think you'd be better with an insulated, non-collapsible one that is sturdier.

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