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Anyone got any good pass the parcel prezzie ideas?

19 replies

clary · 07/06/2004 15:27

Oh heck, seems like I've got no imagination. But I just thought i'd pick yr collective brains, as they are so excellent. Doing a party for DS1 (5) and DD (3) as b/days are days apart. Guests range from (almost) 3 to 5.5, boys and girls. Pass the parcel is going to be forfeits rather than sweeties (to keep the number of layers down and to get 'em passing it! lol), so wanted a nice-ish thing as the final prize. Must be unisex, appealing to 3yo-5yo, less than £5 really. is this poss? Any ideas??

OP posts:

prettycandles · 07/06/2004 15:29

One of those battery-powered bubble-blowing 'guns' where you screw the bubble mixture directly into the 'gun' and then just have to pull the trigger to fire off loads of bubbles?


prettycandles · 07/06/2004 15:30

ONly make sure it's powered and primed with bubblestuff before you parcel it up.


Crunchie · 07/06/2004 15:30

I usually do some sort of colouring set that is cheap and cheerful. I think last time it was about £1 for a small kit. Or what about a mini gardening tool kit, my dd loves hers, ASDA do kids ones at less than a fiver.


Ixel · 07/06/2004 15:32

How about arty crafty type kits, with things to cut out and glue etc, and chuck in one of those shrinky badge/keyring things that you shrink in the oven? Or any outdoor toys, seeing as the weather's so nice; they're pretty unisex.


Ixel · 07/06/2004 15:34

They've got those bubble guns in Tescos. Not sure on the price, but they cant be too much.


smellymelly · 07/06/2004 16:12

Plasticine (spelling?)from Hawkins Bazaar do a mixed packet I think, or felt tips, paints etc.


happycat · 07/06/2004 17:17

I put felt tips note pads and a packet of sweeties I put a sweet between every layer as well I find it keeps them interested in the game and makes it last longer which I reckon can only be a good thing (of course I make sure all the kids gat to unwrap at least one layer


kalex · 07/06/2004 17:33

Dr Seuss book, little ones can have it read to them and older ones can read it themselves


codswallop · 07/06/2004 17:39



Thomcat · 07/06/2004 17:48

I think it's good to NOT do sweets to be honest.

Less than a fiver for main prize -
how about a nice book or a pack of bubbles with diferent blowers from ELC - £5.


Miaou · 07/06/2004 18:13

For dd's party last week we had a mini blackboard and chalks for the pass the parcel prize - ideal for any age. I think it came from woolworths and was pretty cheap.


dottee · 07/06/2004 18:14

This site was recommended on MN a few months ago and I used them for party favours. The service was excellent.


tamum · 07/06/2004 18:19

I know this sound really tight, but I would be inclined to get something fairly cheap. I usually do crayons or similar; I think it needs to be something that the recipient will be pleased with, but that won't drive everyone else mad with jealousy.


kalex · 07/06/2004 18:29

I tend to buy things throughout the year, cheap books on sale (the bookclubs that come into the office and nurseries are normally really cheap)

Or go into ELC and buy unisex toys in the sale.

About 2 years ago I bought 10 yes TEN 3D dinosaur puzzles at £2.50 each, and have given them to allages and to boys and girls and have always had a special thankyou about how great they are! I'm not cheap, but am a single parent with 2 children who go to birthday parties!

Am often embarrsed that the party bag probably costs more than the present I bought cost, Also i don't do birthday bags - And I buy balloons and have them filled with helium about 75p a balloon and hand thise out at the end of the party.

I can't bear my kids getting a bag of rubbish that going to end up in the bin. And so I don't give them out. (sorry - they also get birthday cake as well)

Last year DD had a party at home - and a couple of mum's complained - Their kids then wanted them at home coz they had such a good time! And all I did was have a disco in the garden.

Sorry this is probably completely off the point


clary · 07/06/2004 23:48

Thanks girls, some good ideas here. Like the idea of gardening set as it's in the garden anyway (the party). Codders, Happycat, I'm not going to do the sweets thing (which happens at most parties) because a) that means a layer per child and there are 25 children coming (gasp) b) I find that once they've opened a layer, they've had their sweets and then lose interest c) they all hang on to the parcel. So after discussing it with DS1 we're doing forfeits (eg do a forward roll, sing a nursery rhyme, pull a funny face) with a number in each layer (which most 3-4-5 y-olds can read) so I tell them what the forfeit is. Also I can then modify it to suit the age of child if need be. Mind you, it's not a sweet free zone here, am giving out sweeties for those who take part! Just thought it might make a change, will report back how successful it is. But this is why wanted sthg nice for main prize. Kalex, I agree with you in a way about party bags; have tried really hard to find something nice but cheap for them. About 2 years ago DS1 got a rainbow pencil ie with four-coloured lead in it in a party bag which is great, we still use it!

OP posts:

clary · 19/06/2004 22:45

Well had party today and it was v succesful. DH has just admitted he thought it wd be a nightmare but not so. Rain meant a move to church hall but that was good actually, lots of space. In the end found a Dr Seuss book in my "party stuff" (presents and party bag bits collected during year) so used that (thanks Kalex), agree that a 5yo (who won it) could well read it. Had 26 children including mine but it could have been 5 more if not for late cancellations! But really hardly any "now stop that" moments (none actually). Pass the parcel with forfeits went very well, esp "pull a funny face" and bizarrely, "do a star jump", all the girls leaped up to join in and made it look like a mini keep-fit class lol.

OP posts:

Summertimeandlivingiseasy · 27/06/2021 20:59

Bath bombs


thelegohooverer · 28/06/2021 18:03

Late to the thread but just wanted to say that your idea of forfeits was inspired!


languagelover96 · 05/07/2021 12:55

Activity book

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