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How many pairs of knickers do you own?

64 replies

zebra · 26/02/2004 13:24

This is actually in the context of, how many pairs of knickers do you reckon a 2.5-3.5yo girl needs? If anyone wants to answer that question, too.

So I just did a count, and I reckon I have about 20 pairs of knix for me, but presumably I don't need that many for DD?

OP posts:

3GirlsMum · 27/02/2004 12:15

Im a major underwear collector. I just love nice bras and matching knickers and couldnt begin to know how many I have, probably about two drawers full!

My girls have about 10 pairs of knickers each!


Bugsy2 · 27/02/2004 12:32

Fab thread. Zebra my ds has 8 pairs - bought in one giant pack from Woolworths.
I've got loads of knix but probably not 70. Do wear black knix during period but definitely not big ones - remind me too much of my mum's pants.
Very recent convert to thongs, strings etc, although always concerned that my bum looks gargantuan without any material over it.


SenoraPostrophe · 27/02/2004 12:36

are we talking pants for every day wear, or pants that should have been thrown out ages ago but which are still in the drawer for when the washing doesn't get done? if the former, about 15, I think. I'd count them, but the washing hasn't been done lately.


Northerner · 27/02/2004 12:37

Im defense of my spider pants, I read somewhere that on average you eat about 3 spiders in a lifetime whilst sleeping as they crawl into your mouth. I figured if they can crawl in your mouth then other open orifices are a free for all also. And they like warm, dark places .................


Twinkie · 27/02/2004 12:44

Thanks Northerner - now I will have to agree with DP when he says I should have my mouth taped up when I asleep!!


squirmyworm · 27/02/2004 18:52

12 pairs black briefs from M&S - they get thrown out when they get a hole in the front seam (no I don't know why) and replaced en masse. M&S have changed the way they make them, so distressingly the newest ones melt when ironed.

8 pairs of raunchy ones, plus some bras that don't actually match but which I love to wear with my raunchy knicks - eg purple leopardskin and black pvc.

I also have a lovely rubber bustier - anyone ever worn anything like this post baby?? I digress...sorry


spacemonkey · 27/02/2004 18:59

at rubber bustier SW! Where did you buy it?

I recently bought a beautiful black satin corset from a proper corsetmaker which was gorgeous, but impossible to wear with my somewhat spaniel-eared bosoms (thanks kids!). They just squidged up like concertinas. Still, it did give me a lovely waist. I returned it in the end as I knew I'd never wear it and it was horrifically expensive!


squirmyworm · 27/02/2004 19:16

went through a phase(!) while living in Bristol spacemonkey....there was this ace shop called Religion. It was a shop for fetishists, bondage enthusiasts and trannies (I wasn't really any of the above, just liked the gear). It was a fab place to go for changing room flattery from the superbly camp assistants who would say I looked scrumptious in silver leather miniskirts and thigh high lace up pvc boots (I didn't). I ended up with quite a bit of stuff but can't see much of it getting an airing any more!


squirmyworm · 27/02/2004 19:17

know what you mean about the bosoms! where's my nipple gone? oh there it is pointing at the floor


suzywong · 27/02/2004 19:18



spacemonkey · 27/02/2004 19:19

stalk stalk


WideWebWitch · 28/02/2004 05:54

Twinkie, SEVENTY pairs?! Is that a typo? Blimey! I've got about 20 pairs I reckon and all of them need replacing.


WideWebWitch · 28/02/2004 05:55

I love these type of mumsnet threads btw, so enlightening! Where else would you get this sort of information?


WideWebWitch · 28/02/2004 05:55

Twinkie, SEVENTY pairs?! Is that a typo? Blimey! I've got about 20 pairs I reckon and all of them need replacing.

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