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Are you happy with your kettle?

23 replies

kiera · 20/09/2005 20:22

Ours has started leaking from the water level window, we tried gluing it but it leaks worse than ever. Looks like we're going to have to go out and get a replacement, and asap as don't like the idea of my electric kettle standing in a puddle of water. Kettles being such dodgy things to buy, can anyone recommend one? Best one we ever had was a basic plastic one by Russell Hobbs but I'm looking for a steel/chrome one.


OP posts:

SleepySuzy · 20/09/2005 20:24

Best one I ever had was a white plastic one, with window, cordless - somewhere in the region of £6 from Tesco!!!


tissy · 20/09/2005 20:24

My old stainless steel Russell Hobbs kettle is still going strong after about 20 years!


puff · 20/09/2005 20:24

Do not buy a Britax one (they have an integral water filter). They are £60 - we are on to our second one and it has the same problem as the first - leaks all over the place. Big waste of money.


puff · 20/09/2005 20:25

I am very with my kettle grrrrrrrrrr


vickiyumyum · 20/09/2005 20:27

my ketttle is great have had it for about 5 years now and still going strong (although probably just cursed it by saying that). its a siemens one the porsche design, lovely matt chrome with a black lid and a slim window to gage how much water in it.


Jackstini · 20/09/2005 20:27

Buy a cheap one! Someone bought us the Seimens Porche one for a wedding present and it is crap at pouring. Toaster in same range is useless too - totally uneven browning. They do look beautiful but if it wasn't for them being (unwanted ) gifts I would be buying Asda/Aldi/Tesco own brand!


Ulysees · 20/09/2005 20:29

I bought the mooing cow kettle Nothing wrong with my old one but that one didn't moo.

Sorry, it isn't chrome though but very pretty


inkyminky · 20/09/2005 20:30

Am really pleased with my one as is super speedy to boil, will def get another one, it's a Kenwood, vision. Not a not a nice chromey one tho am afraid. Had the Seimens one before and spent hours polishing the bloomin thing trying to get fingerprints off.


Jackstini · 20/09/2005 20:31

I know - and apparantly its 90 quid!!!


vickiyumyum · 20/09/2005 20:32

Jacstini - you should have taken them back, never had aproblem with ours for pouring, or the toater or the coffee maker! would def have taken it back if we had as was quite expensive


Furball · 20/09/2005 20:34

Haven't got one a chrome one, but rumour has it go for brushed steel, they apparently don't show as many finger prints and marks.


mumfor1sttime · 20/09/2005 20:36

I have a stainless steel/chrome one with wooden handle, made by Bush. Have had it couple of years, cost around £30 I think, prefer this to plastic ones!


GeraldGiraffe · 20/09/2005 20:39

I've had a really nice Frigidaire one for at least a year- it boils really quick, easy to clean (flat element) and is still going strong. The other thng i like about it is that any way you put it on the base you can still see the red 'on' light.


toothyboy · 20/09/2005 20:41

Whatever you do, don't buy a clear one; you have to clean them all the time - otherwise they look really scummy!


Janh · 20/09/2005 20:42

I had a classic Russell Hobbs metal one 20 years ago which should have lasted forever, but as it went wrong after about 5 years I have little faith in any of them these days.

Our current one is a Morphy Richards cordless jug which has been-fine-touch-wood, although my cousin had the same one and hers died years ago. It's sort of like this only not silver, window isn't illuminated and it doesn't whistle - apart from that it's identical!


kama · 20/09/2005 20:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

flashingnose · 20/09/2005 20:49

Love your thread title - made me .


Jackstini · 20/09/2005 20:50

VYY - They were gifts from someone who works for Seimens so no receipt & I was (stupidly) too embarrassed to ask him


stitch · 20/09/2005 20:52

we dont have an electric kettle. never had one.
dsis bought us a stovetop one a few years ago, but hardly ever use it. (about once a month)

dont plann on getting one either as dont see the need for one.


biglips · 20/09/2005 20:52

ive got this one and it stays for hot for ages in the kettle too


vickiyumyum · 20/09/2005 20:55

ahh not good then. could have tried JOhn lewis and said wedding presents so no receipt, but probably too late now!

thats a shame as i never had a prob and the brushed chrome is easy to clean and doesn't show marks like the shiny chrome.


soapbox · 20/09/2005 20:57

We're on our second Dualit kettle, the first one finshed up much as you describe!

Shallow that I am, I like the look of the Dualit, so bought another one!!!!!


albosmum · 20/09/2005 21:17

like stitch I have a whistle stove top kettle - its chrome plus its meant to be more green!

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