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MrsBigTed · 05/01/2024 20:52

Posting here, so those of the feint heart don't see it, but I'm not interested in the sex so much as the social rules around it. The context is that I live near-ish to a well known dogging spot, occasionally when I drive past in the evening there are cars there and I want to know how it works, but I'm not brave enough to google it 😅

How does it work? Are there set 'meeting' times? Do people go alone, or in couples? What of you don't fancy the people doing it? Is it rude to leave early?

Do other people have these questions, or am I a weirdo?

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xpc316e · 05/01/2024 21:16

Drive into the area, park your car, and then do the following:

Flashing headlights or brake lights – is a sign asking are there any other doggers nearby? See whether you get a similar response. Turn on your interior light on – and it's a sign that you want to be watched. Roll your window half down – and it's a sign that oral sex is on offer. Roll your window fully down – and it's a sign that touching and fondling is allowed.

Most sites have their popular times, but the obvious Fridays/Saturdays after dark tends to be the busiest.

JTRSOP · 05/01/2024 21:45

There’s a documentary on C4 called “Dogging Tales” that might be worth watching if you’re interested.

MrsBigTed · 05/01/2024 22:33

Thanks for your responses! I'll take a look at the c4 program. It's the business of it that fascinates me.

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