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Period sex

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ShouldThisBeAnIssue · 24/11/2023 18:47

Partner says period sex 'isn't something he likes the idea of'. I've never been with someone who has had an issue with it and honestly, it makes me feel gross during that week because I know he's not interested

Other than that sex life is very active, usually more than 3x a week. He is more than happy with all sorts of other things, bum stuff, other stuff - just that week he doesn't like the idea of.

I've googled and so many articles saying LTB if this is a thing

I am interested to hear others experiences

OP posts:
jvandussen · 24/11/2023 18:58

Some men don't like blood that's coming during periods.

Don't compare any man's attitude towards your period sex.

Men are different like us being different.

Alba82 · 24/11/2023 18:59

Hubby isn't keen though we have done a few times, he's not grossed out by it but it's quite messy so I think that's what puts him off tbh. I certainly wouldn't leave him over it

AllMyExesWearRolexes · 24/11/2023 19:05

Crime scene sex, I love it. It feels warm and extra intense and intimate.
Each to their own as to whether they like it or not, but it's not inherently wrong.

GigiAnnna · 24/11/2023 19:37

I think it's fine if he doesn't want to do it when you are on. Not every man is going to want to be covered in blood and that is understandable and an acceptable reason. I'm not a huge fan of doing it when I am on my period, but at times we have done it when I've been horny. It does make a mess and that's why I prefer to wait those few days. In my experience, it's been an almost 50/ 50 split with past partners, who hasn't minded it and who has.

HisPerfectJawlineAndPrettyEyes · 24/11/2023 20:33

I've googled and so many articles saying LTB if this is a thing

Really? 🤔

I am interested to hear others experiences

I bet you are. All that matters is that anything you do needs to be something you’re both comfortable with. I can’t believe any article anywhere says anything other than that.

FelicityGraceSpoon · 24/11/2023 21:08

Ugh. Another freaky troll lurking on the sec topic. Quelle surprise

NotInTheMoodForIt · 24/11/2023 21:57

I don't like the idea of it either, I've had some men try and coerce me into it by saying every other women they've been with loves it and then threaten to dump me.

They didn't get the chance to dump me because a big red flag for me is a partner who doesn't listen to me when I say no and is happy have sex he knows causes me pain and that I don't enjoy. Plenty of men don't like it and that's ok. Not wanting to fuck while on a period is not the same as saying the person is gross either.

Whalewatchers · 24/11/2023 23:16

We don't have sex when she's on her period. She's never asked for it and neither have I! Plenty of other days to have fun in a month.

ShouldThisBeAnIssue · 25/11/2023 09:16

Thank you to everyone for your responses. For the person saying I'm a troll, I am not.

For the person who doesn't believe me ref what comes up when you Google, Google it and you'll see.

To clarify, I was interested in hearing others experiences because I was quite shocked at what came up when I googled it.

And for the red flag comment...jeez. Everything is a red flag to people on MN. Luckily, he and I are mature enough to be able to discuss it and how it makes both of us feel. I was merely interested in others experiences.

OP posts:
Easterdaffsx · 25/11/2023 11:27

I used to buy some sort of tampon thing when we were first together and neither of us could wait a week so to speak ! It stopped the flow completely amd worked really well . Can't remember the name sorry

PressOk · 25/11/2023 15:19

If this is real and not some period fetish thing which has been an issue here, then other people’s experiences aren’t going to help.

Your partner doesn’t like it, you either accept that or end the relationship. It doesn’t matter if every other man on the planet likes it, your partner doesn’t. You are apparently ‘mature’, you would realise that if you were.

fourelementary · 25/11/2023 20:28

Yeah you can use a sponge I think- a menstrual sponge, and can insert it and still have sex. I think it’s fine to have period sex if you’re both happy to- but it can get very wet due to the blood which can make it more difficult for him imo.
It also depends on the flow- some women barely bleed an egg cup of blood over the period but others like me lose literally loads so it’s tricky to have sex when it’s a heavy flow and clots etc… not really ideal.
We have managed when we’ve been really horny, with me showering before and after and having a towel down. No touching down there though- can’t imagine the mess of the bed if we got carried away! 🤦🏻‍♀️

NotInTheMoodForIt · 25/11/2023 22:16

And for the red flag comment...jeez. Everything is a red flag to people on MN. Luckily, he and I are mature enough to be able to discuss it and how it makes both of us feel. I was merely interested in others experiences.

Is this a aimed at me? Why the JEEZ comment? You only want replies that match your own personal thoughts and feelings?

My "experience" sadly is what makes me see red flags when men threaten to dump me for not consenting to sexual acts and sadly my experience is the only people who do the "all my other girlfriends loved it, you're weird" or the classic "if you loved me you would" say that in the hope that I'll be so desperate to keep them I'll consent to things I've explained I don't like and why.

It's my actual experiences that make things like that red flags to ME. If that part above was aimed at me, your comment about everything is a red flag to people on MN" sounds dismissive and patronising, it feels like you read my post and chose to take it personally about yourself, when I was giving my perspective based on my own experiences. Which is what you say you wanted.

B1rd · 26/11/2023 01:31

Gynotex sponge tampons might help.

lilkitten · 27/11/2023 09:38

My DH doesn't like it, and I don't either, and since we live together we can just have sex another time. However last Christmas he bought me a menstrual cup (Ziggy cup?) that is flat and is designed for having sex with it in, and that works great for me. He's a bit big, so he can feel the rim so still not ideal, but it means I can carry on as normal and enjoy sex with my period. I get so hung up on how the blood looks that it makes me lose interest in having sex. But if I'm meeting a DP for a planned date and I'm on my period, I've found they don't care at all, it's more that my DH can avoid having sex with me then and they can't but my DP date might be only once a month so we don't want to avoid sex.

Thisisworsethananticpated · 03/12/2023 10:23

I used a mooncup !
just not on heaviest days
and crack on

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