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Any mobile phones games to stir the libido?

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SecondUsername4me · 21/11/2023 22:21

Bit of an odd one. I often go to bed an hour or so before dh to play on my phone or read. Sometimes I'm feeling a bit in the mood but onvs he isn't ready to come to bed yet.

By the time he then comes to bed I'm kind of gamed/read out and not in the mood.

I wondered if there was any sort of online game I could play which actually stirred a bit of something?

OP posts:
GentlemanJay · 21/11/2023 23:15

Pac-Man really gets my pulse racing. Smile

MovedonfromMartin · 22/11/2023 17:28

I don't know about anything that you could play on your phone, but why not read some online erotic fiction?

DixonD · 22/11/2023 18:01

I’ve never heard of any erotic games. Why don’t you wait up with him occasionally and go to bed at the same time?

MySXforumnn · 22/11/2023 19:56

How about sending him a suggestive text or pic from upstairs to entice him up? We do that occasionally, its quite hot!

Rieslinger · 23/11/2023 10:55

There is nothing hotter than when my wife sends either a suggestive message or pic.....whoof I'm up like a shot!!

Also going back down whether naked or nearly and getting your game on is a great one.

StarlightLady · 23/11/2023 14:00

I can't think of anything that would reduce libido more. Sorry!

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