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Hubby birthday

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Imnotafraid2walkalone · 02/11/2023 20:57

So it's my hubby's 40th birthday over the weekend.
I've got presents from me and the kids but wanna do something for us 🤫
Please spam me with naughty coupon ideas....

OP posts:
WhereHasAllTheLoveGone · 03/11/2023 07:34

If it’s this weekend then I suppose you may have left it a bit late for something more elaborate thinking costumes or new sex toy unless you have a good local shop. Maybe going lingerie shopping and letting him pick your outfit could be nice.

without buying anything something you’ve not tried before and since I’ve not got much information of what maybe he’s into or you’ve tried before I am going to go Amazon position.

failing that you could go full Center Parks 😉

MovedonfromMartin · 03/11/2023 09:58

This is difficult if we don't know what you usually get up to or would enjoy. Each time I write out any ideas, it says more about me than you!
If I gave a coupon for a blow job for example it wouldn't be much of a birthday surprise from me, seeing as this is a standard gift I bestow (to quote another poster from a now deleted thread)

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