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narwhalsarereal · 10/10/2023 20:50

Im quite inexperienced in the bedroom & have recently started having sex with my new partner after years without any (since losing my virginity).

I'm quite nervous about giving a blow job & getting on top.
I want to give these a try next time I'm with him, any tips?

OP posts:
itsmyp4rty · 10/10/2023 20:52

Communication - tell him what you'd like to try and ask him how he likes it.

acpk55 · 11/10/2023 07:27

I know it’s easy to say, but as long have the confidence to try these things, then you are 50% there, as communication is key, just make sure you are both happy and comfortable and go with the flow

StarlightLady · 11/10/2023 09:12

OP, it’s lovely that you have met someone and l am pleased to say you are drastically overthinking this. Let passion lead the way. Communication and comfort are the main ingredients.

On top? Climb over, go a little higher and reverse on. Take it gently to start.

Blowie? Don’t try and consume the whole thing, it’s not a competition snd the most sensitive area is in the head. Think ice lolly. It’s similar, unless you bite lollies!

And ensure he is returning the compliment.

StarlightLady · 11/10/2023 09:16

I couldn’t resist posting this, sorry to derail! The joys of technology! Interesting that in the similar threads section, complete novice in gardening comes up. 😂😂😂

You never know, l love my garden, l might be able to multi task and help that poster too!

Blowie in the potting shed 😂?

Lifestyleclub · 11/10/2023 11:24

@StarlightLady just gave one on the garden couch not in the potting shed.

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