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Best birth control to stop period for sex

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Classicsrose · 04/10/2023 18:23

Really sorry if this isn’t the right area to be posting- I couldn’t find anything else!

I am currently on the pill but have been having breakthrough bleeding for the past two months. I’m expecting to see my long distance partner in three weeks and I’m worried that it’ll breakthrough again. Would it be better to stop the pill now and take the period delay tablets nearer the time, or continue the pill and hope for the best. I haven’t seen him in three weeks and it would just not be the best!

any advice would be great! Thanks

OP posts:
Redwinestillfine · 04/10/2023 20:50

Can't you run two packets together and just not have a break?

B1rd · 04/10/2023 22:16

Try the Gynotex or Beppy sponges. Have a look for them on Amazon. I've used them before on several occasions and they work well for minor bleeding. But they are tricky to remove.

PinotPony · 05/10/2023 09:21

I'd be inclined to stop now, have a break period and then start another packet.

Another vote for menstrual sponges... perfect for period sex and partners have not even noticed.

Yetanothernamechangeagain · 05/10/2023 17:01

Which pill are you on? Combined or Progesterone only?

If combined I would take a 4 day break now (assuming you have taken it every day for at least the past 21 days)

If it is the progesterone only pill stopping may not help.

Is breakthrough bleeding normal for you? Are you up to date with your smears? If not it would be worth speaking to your GP

JoanMacIntosh · 05/10/2023 21:30

Are you on microgynon?

I’d be inclined to stop now and start retaking just before we met up, obviously depending on coverage. I am not a doctor though!

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