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Oral Sex Question

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OralPosition · 09/08/2023 19:26

I have recently discovered a different position for oral sex which makes me orgasm quicker than before, I have been putting a pillow under my bum and the difference is quite noticeable.
Does anyone have a particular favourite position for oral? I’m keen to try more.

OP posts:
FellatrixLestrange · 09/08/2023 19:54

I prefer to lie on my back with partner between my legs, he’s partial to me sitting on his face while he’s giving me oral. We switch between those two, sometimes a 69.

Zanatdy · 10/08/2023 06:39

I like being at the end of the bed, partner on his knees on the floor. I loved him to pull me by my ankles to the bottom of the bed so I was in a good position for it! I told him that I loved him dragging me to the bottom of the bed so he always did it a bit more forceful then!

AlexaAdventuress · 10/08/2023 12:36

Yes, I like a cushion under the hips too. Makes me feel more exposed and needy too, which is an additional boost. I like my partner to be on the bed with me where possible rather than kneeling on the floor, so I can wrap my legs round him and pull him closer.

myNewName21 · 10/08/2023 13:55

I’m another who likes to kneel on the floor, partner on knees on edge of bed, then we can swap between sex / oral / sex etc

Namechangednorth · 12/08/2023 07:21

I like a pillow under as it makes me more visible to him but I find more naturally parts my lips to him. He likes that as well as like all men, visual is a real turn on

Chellybelle · 12/08/2023 07:59

I'm a woman and I love doing it to my woman. I love everything about it and it's as intimate as you can possibly get. I love knowing that it's me giving her all that pleasure.

Chellybelle · 12/08/2023 08:00

Sorry that was for the other oral thread.

BCBird · 13/08/2023 21:45

Yes the dragging u down the bed is a real turn on.

Yeaaaaaayeaxx · 18/08/2023 01:54

Me standing up and the other person on their knees, I don't know why but feels sexier standing up 😂

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