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Frequent sex years on - how?

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Callmecurious · 10/07/2023 22:22

I’m genuinely interested in trying to understand long-standing couples who still manage to have a frequent sex life. By which I mean: after 10 years, you’re still managing weekly? More than weekly? How?

OP posts:
Notreallygrumpy · 11/07/2023 06:51

My wife and I have been together approaching 30 years. I’m mid sixties DW mid fifties. We have sex weekly, more on holiday. It’s just a natural part of our relationship. To me the question “How?” appears odd. It just happens like breathing or eating or sleeping. I think it’s also one of the cornerstones of a solid union. Admittedly it’s not the wild, furious stuff of years ago but let’s face it that usually lasted minutes, now we take our time and it’s all the more enjoyable for that.

Nocirculation · 11/07/2023 07:47

We enjoy it, it's good fun and satisfying. There were times(for years!) When it was maybe 2 - 3 times a month (kids young, busy with work). It's a bit like a good hobby that we both enjoy. Plus we try to introduce new toys frequently. We currently have it about 4 times PW.

myNewName21 · 11/07/2023 09:47

Find someone who is married to another person

Hijinks75 · 11/07/2023 11:05

If you get the answer could you let me know then I might figure out where I’m going wrong

Pokotho · 11/07/2023 14:40

I've been with my wife for 12 years and we usually have sex most days still, assuming we feel like it. We still find each other attractive, we enjoy the closeness and bonding of it, and we are both a bit on the kinkier side so that tends to help keep things fresh 🤣 we try to actively make time for it - going to bed with "extra" time before we need to be actually asleep so that if we fancy it we don't need to rush, or having a cuddle after we finish work that either turns into a nap or sex (both equally good, let's be real).

Callmecurious · 12/07/2023 18:42

Ok, interesting survey. I just find the familiarity such a passion-killer. But also tied up with past hurts.

OP posts:
MyTruthIsOut · 14/07/2023 21:29

What do you mean when you say “how”?

As in you think they’d be too bored of each other to keep sex going?

Ive been with my DH for 13 years and we still have sex as often as we can which is difficult with two young children. I would say we average at about once a week and although yes, there is that predictability aspect, it doesn’t make me not want to have sex with him.

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