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24 hr bp monitor

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Theft · 07/07/2023 18:11

Im having one of these next week as I've been getting labile blood pressure- up v high and then normal again.
..... should I have sex with it on?
Presuming it stays attached and doesn't come off, it might be useful to know if my bp goes dangerously high during/after sex.

Any thoughts?

I'm 44 BTW.

OP posts:
BloominFlower · 07/07/2023 18:46

I’d probably recommend to, and to also take things at a slower pace overall to be on the safe side

WtP · 07/07/2023 19:12

I know of a man who wore his Garmin heart rate chest strap while having sex, his wife was suspicious as he kept his Tee shirt on and gave him a royal bollocking for being so childish.
He said he was just interested, I think she said something along the lines "well if you put enough effort in it should be close to maximum HR" 😂

MyMachineAndMe · 07/07/2023 19:47

Not the same but I wear my smart watch during moments of passion. It does show a raised heart rate 😆

On a serious note, I when I had a bp monitor I was told to do all activities as normal and try to forget it was there.

NoHeavenNoMore · 07/07/2023 20:48

Once had sex while wearing a Fitbit and it recorded the session as a bicycle ride 😂

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