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Long term relationship

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Justaquestionortwo · 22/05/2023 14:00

I have been with DH since my late teens (18), we are still together, both early 40’s. We’ve had a relatively good relationship with minor ups and downs, I (f) have often had the higher sex drive and I've been more willing to explore within our boundaries. I can’t shake off the feeling that I haven’t lived sexually and I often wonder what sex would have been like with other men. I feel the past few years I’ve become sexually awakened, not by anyone but more with my body and this is leading me to want to explore other options like an open relationship but how do I approach this without my DH feeling he’s not enough for me and possibly hurting his feelings?


OP posts:
Sundance03 · 25/05/2023 18:06

Am going through something similar OP, my DH is the only person I've had sex with and am same age as you and met my DH at 17 years. I still love my DH and wouldn't want to separate.. I know that I couldn't handle the jealousy from my end to opening the relationship and I don't think my DH could either. I wouldn't want to cheat as wouldn't want to ruin all the years we have together as well as a family and couldn't do that to him. so can't really advise but watching this

Sundance03 · 25/05/2023 18:10

Plus I feel really undesirable as DH rarely compliments me etc etc etc. I would have an honest open talk with DH if its rely important to you.

Hiddenvoice · 26/05/2023 19:56

Jumping on the bandwagon as I feel the same. Very similar situation too. I love my dh but our sex drives are different and I feel like I’ve missed out in a way.
Like pp said, I don’t think I could handle the idea of my dh having an open relationship so don’t think he’d be happy with me having one and I have no idea how to go about starting that conversation.

You could start by talking about your sex life in general, asking if he’s happy and if there’s anything he’d like to try or do and see how the conversation develops.

acpk55 · 26/05/2023 20:51

I would suppose you need to think about some things you might want to try and begin a conversation with your other half about he might feel about them.

I suppose the other thing you need to be happy with would be your other half having sex with other women.

Sundance03 · 27/05/2023 09:17

You could try porn

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