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Afternoon delight

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orangeskies12 · 18/05/2023 17:36

Have NC'd for this.

DH and I have been going through a bit of a dry spell the last few months- rooted in various stress for us both, but even when those stressful circumstances changed we've found it hard to get the mojo back.

However DH recently changed jobs, so now instead of him being out at the office all day we are both working from home. And we can't stop having a bit of lunchtime fun or even late afternoon delight!

It's like someone's switched the light back on- sex at bed time seems like such a chore as honestly, I just want to go to sleep 😂but this seems to have jump started things for us. My DH contracts, so I hope he never has to go back to an office again!

OP posts:
MovingonfromMartin · 18/05/2023 17:40

That @orangeskies12 is blooming marvellous! 💐

MyMachineAndMe · 18/05/2023 18:19

Dh and I love a bit of afternoon delight when I'm not working and the dc are at school!

Passmethpens · 18/05/2023 21:49

Oooh fabulous. Enjoy 😉

HaggisBurger · 18/05/2023 23:00

I’d say of all the times of the day - bedtime is my least favourite time to have sex.

I love just about every other time tho!

Sounds great! Enjoy

Susan2 · 19/05/2023 08:30

Have you tried morning time?

orangeskies12 · 19/05/2023 09:13

I don't mind the morning- although usually have to be on holiday or somewhere that I don't have much on. When I wake up my brain is normally immediately full of everything I have to do that day/morning!

OP posts:
BCBird · 19/05/2023 21:15

Woo hoo. Good for you. I preferred it in the day too. Happy days

Zanatdy · 20/05/2023 22:15

I love morning sex. But I’m an early riser. Guy I was seeing recently must have found me a pain in the arse spoiling his chance of a lie in when I was awake at 6am, but he didn’t seem to be complaining too much at the time!

Animallover2325 · 15/08/2023 23:55

Dh and I are just back from a hotel where we had a rude awakening from a few doors down 😂🙈

StarlightLady · 16/08/2023 07:39

The danger of bed time sex is that it can become “something you do” before going to sleep. Often when tired.

Day time sex has that extra passionate spark for me.

Enjoy OP 💥

fitofthegiggles · 19/08/2023 23:37

That sounds wonderful OP. We both work full-time and have young adult children still at home so opportunities are severely limited/basically non-existent for day-time fun. 

However we were away overnight in a hotel about eighteen months ago and arrived mid-afternoon with a couple of hours to spare before needing to get ready for the event we'd come for. On impulse we threw our clothes off and jumped into bed. It was fantastic, not least because it felt very naughty, was in an unfamiliar hotel room and was entirely unplanned! 

It was definitely a case of afternoon delight! 😊

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