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Sparky1976 · 16/03/2023 10:34

Want to spice up our sex life and was going to make up a yes /no/maybe sex list for my husband what ideas would you have to add to the list have the normal where to finish, bj, anal tie up

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Thisismysexforumname · 16/03/2023 10:46

Have you tried something like this online quiz? mojoupgrade

There are several others out there, but this one seems to come up regularly on here.

Sparky1976 · 16/03/2023 11:06

Thanks will have a look

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Tex81 · 16/03/2023 15:00

This reply has been deleted

This has been deleted by MNHQ for breaking our Talk Guidelines.

Rieslinger · 17/03/2023 07:14

Slightly different DW and I spent years saying no, no, no to anal then realised that we loved pop that in as a thought?

Outdoor, sex talk, home movies...?

Good luck and report back!!

Sparky1976 · 17/03/2023 09:55

Thanks I am open to putting from basics to wild so everything is covered and then work off the list and talk about both our maybes I'm very open to trying new things want to make sure I try cover as much as I can. It will probably shock him that I give the list but I'm excited to make as much of his dreams come true we have quite a basic sex life at the moment

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