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To let an ex be a Dom to me virtually

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Popatop · 09/12/2022 18:12

Is this a terrible idea?! A very old ex (first boyfriend) and I have gotten chatting and both of us are in very vanilla marriages. Both happy in our relationships but missing that one specific aspect. It’s totally wrong to engage in abit of it online without ever meeting? It really is just to scratch an itch we both have and has no reflections on anything else. It’s still wrong isn’t it…?

OP posts:
figmaofmyimagination · 09/12/2022 19:08

Well, how would your husband feel about it if he saw the messages, and are you willing to take that risk?

Shallysally · 09/12/2022 19:10

How would you feel if this were your husband and his ex? You know it’s wrong or you wouldn’t be here asking the question.

Popatop · 09/12/2022 19:29

@Shallysally you’re right I know. @figmaofmyimagination fair point.
we don’t have much of a sex life and when we did it was never that sort of stuff. Just want to get what I need but will put a stop to it. Was never going to actually meet or anything but I know it’s still not right…

OP posts:
Zanatdy · 09/12/2022 22:37

How does that work virtually? Is it just chat?

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