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High Sex Drive

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katels1985 · 13/10/2022 23:18

I used to have a non-existent sex drive, having been in a relationship for now 22 years. But within the last 2 years my sex drive has gone through the roof. My husband found it difficult to get his head round at the start but really got in to it in the 1st year, now its tapered off and i'm struggling to cope with the feelings i have and being able to calm the high sex drive i still have every day.
Just looking for others advise, if they've been in the same situation. Don't get me wrong the sex is amazing, its just not as frequent. My husband has explained that he's mores stressed with work etc and i respect that but i get very frustrated and sometimes i take it out on him, which i realise is not ok. I feel like i'm doing something wrong and that i should be able to control this, but thats easier said than done.

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whoknew123 · 14/10/2022 06:01

Plenty of different vibrator recommendations on here, go shopping together and order a drawer full.

AverageGuy · 14/10/2022 08:50

@katels1985 - Whilst I agree with @whoknew123 , maybe give your DH a bit of a break?

He has put up with your lack of sex drive for goodness knows how long - possibly without complaint, and now the tables have turned...

We're not machines, or just a piece of meat you know! Grin

Brillantine · 14/10/2022 09:04

@AverageGuy I think OP realises this, which is why she's framed it as her issue and not as a problem with her husband.

OP - how old are you? Could it be menopausal stuff? If it's not enjoyable for you to be feeling this all the time and vibes etc not touching it, you could see a GP or better a gynae who specialises in women's hormone treatment .... there used to be Professor Studd on Wimpole Street....

lauraUK1000 · 14/10/2022 15:48

We have gone through phases, usually similar in our sex drives but for a while now mine has been significantly higher than his. Some of the same reasons as OP such as work stress, time etc. are things he has mentioned.

It's not really an issue as I can masturbate as much as I need and my DH knows I use vibrators and dildos as needed and encourages me to do so to keep my orgasm needs satisfied.

Zippedydoo123 · 16/10/2022 08:33

Eating lemons reduces the urge.

katels1985 · 25/10/2022 23:15

I'm 37. So is he. I'm having hormone treatment due to a tumour in my pituitary gland. So I know the meds I'm on increase my sex drive. That's obviously a great side effect!

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katels1985 · 25/10/2022 23:16

Thanks for your pointless reply

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katels1985 · 25/10/2022 23:17

I have a pretty good collection! 👍

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