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Ways to increase libido?

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StrangelyAmbitious · 07/07/2022 11:25

Hoping for some help.
Between having my baby Jan 2021, still breastfeeding and being on antidepressants, my libido is on the floor.
Does anyone know of anything I can take (natural) to increase this?
I feel sorry for DH!
TIA :)

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notlongtoo · 07/07/2022 22:21

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Estherpologist · 10/07/2022 06:58

There seem to be a significant number of MNers who struggle with libido and are on antidepressants.
Maybe it's worth thinking about which psychological issues (depression or libido) you're happy be treated with synthetic medication, which you want "natural" solutions for, and what has informed those choices?

Its good to know you're looking for solutions, and I hope you find a good one, because there's also no shortage MNers who talk about getting out of sexless marriages and the effects that has had on their happiness.

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