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confusedgirlie · 24/06/2022 09:33

Hi I have just come out of a long term relationship and I someone gave me oral sex last week and I now have genital herpes I am so so upset and feel dirty should I meet a potential long term boyfriend does anyone have an experience going to the GUM clinic today

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Daisylookslost · 24/06/2022 19:11

Hi I just wanted to reply to you to help you not to panic. Because of the scenario you describe this is likely to be type 1 herpes which is primarily associated with the mouth rather than genitals. Yes it can pass between, but it’s less likely to keep flaring up in the genitals if it’s type 1 (as opposed to type 2 herpes which is primarily associated with the genitalia). You may never have another attack after this, some never do and most people are infected with the herpes virus.
Gum clinic will not judge you and will run standard tests just to check your sexual health and then offer any necessary meds, it’s nothing to be scared of and your GP can refer you.
Best wishes!

confusedgirlie · 24/06/2022 19:41

Thank you so much it has not spread just a few blisters which are healing I will find out results in 7 days I already suffer with cold sores but this is just horrid makes you feel dirty thank you for replying x

OP posts:
scotsguy1314 · 25/06/2022 15:15

The clinic staff will be glad you care about your sexual health, they are used to being supportive, not judgemental.

Mxflamingnoravera · 26/06/2022 09:19

If you already have cold sores then you already have had virus in your body. I have type 1 and type 2, I have no idea how or when or from whom. I take daily suppressants (Valtrex) and rarely have outbreaks because of the suppressants. If I stop the tablets, I get an outbreak. The percentage of people carrying the virus is much higher than people think. The GUM clinic will have seen it all before and not be phased by it.
Read up on it, be informed and don't have sex if you have an outbreak. Unless it's during the late stages of pregnancy it really is nothing to worry about- it's a skin rash which is transmissible, as is impetigo, scabies and others. However, it never leaves your body, so you need to learn to manage it and protect partners from it.

Mxflamingnoravera · 26/06/2022 09:20

HSV not had. Sorry!

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